When Life Throws you a Curveball or Two

Hello friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and written anything for my blog. My last post was back on March 1st and that bit of writing was just a re-issue of something I’d previously posted. When I began ‘A Day in the Life & Other BS’ in December of 2010 I was writing and posting nearly everyday, I was on fire. It went like that for a a few years then slowly began to taper off. By 2014 I was down to 3 new posts a week and 2 posts from the past. I had quite a library of articles built up by then so it was easy.

Things continued like that until June of 2015 when my cousin Dave, who was suffering from a Parkinson’s like illness, became bedridden and had to be placed in a care facility. Four days later he was gone. Dave was like a brother to me, his death really rocked my world. It was a lot to deal with. Worse yet,  a week or so after Dave’s death, my dad, who was living with us, took a turn for the worse and also became bedridden. Four months later, just two months shy of his 92nd birthday, he passed away. It was a tough six months.

During that period I had little desire to write. When I did post, I posted fewer new entries and relied more on my past writing. I really considered calling it quits and shutting down my blog but thought better of it on the off chance that I might start writing regularly again someday, so I continued posting older articles. Sometimes I’d update them a bit but most of the time only the date was changed. I did try to throw in a new article every now and again, but that passed. I simply couldn’t get going with my writing. I’m ashamed to admit it, but the last fresh article I posted on my blog was back in August of last year, nearly 9 months ago. In that time I’ve posted only 30 articles, and, yep, everyone of them was a re-post!

So here I sit, 9 months after my last new article, trying to get that old spark going again. I know I’ll never be the writing fool that I was early on, but damn, I’d like to be able to do at least one or two new posts a week with an oldie thrown in on Throwback Thursday that’s my goal. It sounds so damn doable you know, but life keeps throwing me curve after curve, and I keep swinging wildly. Six months ago I nearly went down swinging. Life tossed me a major life changer that I’m still learning to live with. But it’s all good, I still may not be able to focus long enough to sort out my thoughts or get them down on paper, but I’m not out, at least not yet.






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