Where All You Do is "Sleep, Eat & Watch TV"

Can you believe it’s the last day of November? This month blew by like a whirlwind! Do you realize there are only 25 more shopping days until Christmas and only 31 days until the new year comes rolling in! Hell, I was just getting used to writing 2011 on my checks. Oh well, you know what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” right? Maybe they ought to change that saying to simply, “time flies” because this has definitely not been one of the better years for having fun and time still zipped on by. Where the hell does it go?

Since I was young I’ve imagined time as a wide flowing river, sometimes the current gently moves us along at a slow and leisurely pace, other time it picks up speed and flows more swiftly, and of course there are those times when the river rages with white water turbulence. And we are are these small life boats just going with the flow. I certainly wish our entire journey could be slow and leisurely, but that goes against the natural flow. Which for most of us seems to be a swiftly flowing passage of time.

Floatin’ down the river of time don’t let it pass you by my friend.                                           Floatin’ down a lazy river, enjoy it while you can,                                                                 Enjoy it while you can…  JS

Yeah, time is just blowing by, or maybe time is holding steady and we’re blowing by! Who knows? I can’t believe it’s been nearly ten months since my brother passed away! And nearly six weeks already since we moved my dad in with us. He seems to be adjusting to the move pretty well. I really felt bad for him. Losing one personal freedom is bad enough, but losing two on the same day, Ouch!

When we took him in for his follow up appointment a week or so after his fainting spell and subsequent two day hospital stay, the doctor told him it was too dangerous for him to go on living alone, even with life alert. He suggested an assisted living facility, but that wasn’t about to happen. We told the doc he was going to come live with us. A few minutes later he also told my dad that his driving days were over. I thought that was really going to get to him, he was a truck driver by trade and has been driving most of his life, but he accepted it well. I think he knew it was time to turn in his keys. This past year his car has developed a slew of new dents, scratches and scrapes. Yeah, it was time.

I have to tell you, it’s a bit strange having dad living here. I never thought I’d see the day when we’d share the same roof again. I figured those days had ended long ago, when I moved out of his house. Boy was I wrong. My dad and I had a very stormy relationship when I was a kid, especially my teen years. We just didn’t get along all that well. Check that, we just didn’t get along at all! Oh the stories I could tell, Like the time he chased me out of the backyard and a few seconds later as I walked across the front lawn, a rake, followed by a hoe came sailing over the roof of the house narrowly missing me. Or the times he would come out when a group of my friends were there and began hassling me and man-handling me about whatever. Yeah he loved to exercising his authority in front of them. They were as afraid of him as I was. Oh the stories I could tell.

Now he lives with me. Go figure. Who would have thunk it. But then this is not the same man who raised me. This isn’t the stocky, truck driving man with the muscular arms and the bad ass attitude and that belt that would slip and slide so easily from around his waist at a moments notice. No, not the same man at all. He really changed after my mom died. That was twenty years ago. A lot of the fire went out of him then, in fact we were pretty worried about him those first few years, but then he came out of his funk and all these years later he’s still going strong. Well maybe not strong, but he’s still going, you know, like the Energizer bunny, only slower.

Eat, Sleep N' Watch TV

I remember when I was a teen he’d come home from work and I’d be kicked back in my sanctuary, my little room in the garage. He’d come in to complain about something I forgot to do or didn’t do well enough and he’d always close with the line “You’re here all damn day and all you do around here is sleep, eat and watch TV!” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that line, but believe me, I heard it plenty. Then I had two boys of my own, and believe me I used the same line on them! Because at times it really did seem like all they did was sleep, eat and watch TV!

Well, now my dad is living with us. The other day I was talking to him as he sat in his recliner watching TV when my wife came in with his dinner which she proceeded to place on a tray in front of him. I watched Dad chowing down and stealing looks at the western on TV for a few minutes and couldn’t resist, “You know dad,” I said, “having you living here is just like having another teen age son.” He looked over at me and asked me what I meant. “Well,” I said, “You’re home all day and all you do is sleep, eat and watch TV!” We both enjoyed a good laugh together and a nice chat about it afterwards. Yeah, I don’t mind having my dad living here with us, I don’t mind at all…

Just saying…


In the wink of an eye…  river of time runs dry…   JS



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