"Why I Write"

Someone recently asked me why I write about so many different topics instead of focusing on one specific area of interest. I d do tend to jump around a lot. One day I may get nostalgic and write about the days of my youth anything from personal experiences to events, music or television from that golden age. The next day it could be a current event or news piece taken from the newspaper or TV, or simply something that catches my attention. The day after that it’s a reflective piece or something to do with self-growth, followed by something comical or bordering on the ridiculous. The topic of the day pretty much depends on my frame of mind, my mood or what peaks my interest, There is no rhyme or reason.

So instead of dancing around so much why don’t I focus on one topic and make it my area of expertise? The answer is simple really.  I’m no expert. I do have some knowledge about a wide variety of subjects but an expert? Far from it.  I consider myself more of a ‘Jack of all trades’ yeah, that would be me, a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’

Besides, when I started this blog in December of 2010 it was to honor my buddy Brian. The act of writing was to serve as a reminder of the friendship we shared. As I’ve mentioned before Brian and I shared a unique friendship, we could bring out the zaniness in one another and had a hell of a good time doing it. Many of the things I choose to write about would have been topics that he and I would have discussed, poked fun at or simply laughed our asses off at.  Sometimes I feel like Brian is right there with me as I’m writing. “Parking Lot Etiquette” “Everybody Must Get Stoned” “Another Idiot With a Gun” “Its Good to be King” and so many others are filled with the witty spirit of Bri!

I’m sure we would have been moved to compose parody songs  about several of them. Knowing Bri I’m quite sure that “Another Idiot With a Gun” about the great, white hunter, ranchers up in San Luis Obispo who shot and killed 3 grazing zebra who wandered onto their property, would have definitely come under attack and become a satirical tune. I suppose I could sit down with my guitar and pen something, but it just wouldn’t be the same without him. He had a way of coming up with some clever one liners we could work into our songs that gave them just the right comedic touch. I truly believe Bri would have enjoyed the blog and may have even began blogging himself. I can just imagine how wild his blog would have been!

A real plus that has come out of my maintaining my blog is that it has given me the opportunity to write on a regular basis, something I have always had a problem doing. I’ve been writing now four to five days a week for nearly two years, that’s the longest writing streak I’ve had in my life! Writing regularly takes discipline and I have never been a very disciplined writer. Even when I returned to college full time at age 32, I’d procrastinate about papers I needed to write and wait until the last minute to sit down and do them. You’d think I would have known better by then. Funny thing though,  I did some of my best work under pressure.

So now I’m a blogger, writing for no particular audience,not looking for praise or even an audience, I write simply because I enjoy it. It’s therapeutic. An English professor once told me “If you truly want to be a writer you must write everyday without fail. You don’t need to sit down and write the next great American novel, you just need to sit down and write! You can write about anything that strikes your fancy, just write!” 

So that is what I’m doing, just writing…

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.” Jules Renard

Just a thought,


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