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Question: When is enough enough?                 I am a bona fide football fan. During the season I faithfully attend the church of the NFL every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, and during the playoffs, I’m there every Saturday. I love watching football. It is my favorite sport. But I’m no football fanatic. I have a couple of favorite teams, but I can’t name every player or bark out stats and facts like some fans can, I simply enjoy the game. After all isn’t that what it’s really all about, the game?                                      Apparently not.

With the threat of a lock out hanging in the balance, NFL owners and representatives of the players union have been in bitter negotiations to find an equitable way to share the profits. How much you ask? Oh it’s not much really, only 9 billion dollars! Can you believe that $9 billion in profit! And the owners want even more! Those greedy bastards are out to squeeze every penny they can from us. Not only do they want to extend the season by two games, they have already negotiated a TV dealt for next season that guarantees them $4billion even if there is a lock out, a shortened season or no season at all. Now there’s a hell of a deal! these owners know what the hell they’re doing, they’re making money hand over fist!                                                                                                                                               Rest assured there will be a 2011 season, the owners and the players association will reach an agreement of some kind, there will be concessions from both sides and the game will go on, there is simply too much money at stake for that not to happen.

As for me, I’m sick of the high ticket prices, nearly a hundred dollars for a cheap seat in the nose bleed section, and the price of food and beer at a game are outrageous! Nine bucks for a beer! Really! I’m tired of the owners picking our pockets. I’m seriously considering doing away with my subscription to the Directv NFL football package. I’ve had it forever. Last year Directv was charging nearly $300 for it. After a phone call I was able to negotiate the price down to $170, but I’m sure there were thousands who paid full price, only 6 easy payments of $50.

This season I refuse to give in to the demands of the NFL owners. I will not pad their pockets! And I don’t really care if they don’t ever bring a team back to Los Angeles. I couldn’t afford the price of tickets anyway. Damn all of you NFL team owners! Your arrogance and disregard for the fan will one day come back and bite you in the ass. It’s karma baby! Come on, open your eyes! It’s not all about the money! Don’t you get it, it’s about the game! Negotiate the best deal possible for broadcast rights, make your nine billion in profit, but damn it give something back to the fans, lower ticket prices, lower food prices, make it possible for the average football fan to go and enjoy the thrill of live football once in awhile.  When is enough enough?

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