"Seen Any Good Movies Lately?"

What a terrific weekend. Exactly what a weekend should be like. Plenty of time to get things done around the house, relaxing and just having fun! We got the weekend rolling on Friday by taking two of my two oldest grandkids to see Transformers 3. My other grandson had already seen the movie with his dad, or else he would have joined us. The remaining two grandkids  are still too young for a trip to the movies, at least with grandpa!

Well two hours later and $29 poorer, which included tickets, soda and a large bag of popcorn (plus one refill) my grandkids walked out of the theater beaming. It was definitely worth every penny! They absolutely loved Transformers and were already talking about what we are going to see this week. “Oh grandpa  we’ve got to see Zookeeper, it looks funny! or Winnie the Pooh ! No, we want to see the Smurf movie! Bring us to see the Smurfs grandpa!” I, being the kind, loving and possibly craziest grandpa alive said okay!  Yikes! The Smurfs, I can hardly wait. Not! Actually I’m hoping my daughter takes them to see it first as she actually enjoys the Smurfs. Hell I’ll even watch the baby while she goes!

I suppose it’s my own fault, Several weeks ago I promised to do something special with them when I got back from Sedona and a grandfathers promise is as good as gold, at least it should be, so two weeks ago I showed up one morning and took them to see Transformers. Unfortunately when we got to the theater it wasn’t showing, the newspaper had the wrong show times. After some long faces and disappointment, we talked it over and saw Cars 2 instead, with the promise that I would still be taking them to see Transformers. Well last week I kept that promise and we saw Transformers. This week were going to see —  we’ll have to wait on that call. Who knows, I may be seeing blue.

I’ve got to tell you the whole movie going experience is amazing. I enjoyed sitting there in the dark watching them stuff their faces with popcorn, never looking away from the screen, their eyes as big as silver dollars! Totally into the film! Forget the high ticket and concession prices, forget that many of the movies lack the genuine quality of movies of old. So what if the film is just a collection of high action stunts, chases explosions and battles! Who cares if it has a weak plot? The kids eat this stuff up! For them the big screen experience is an incredible adventure! For a long time I’ve been reading about the decline of the movie going experience, but as I sat there with my grandkids I could only see the positives.

I have always enjoyed going to the movies. It’s in my blood. When we were kids my parents used to take us to the movies in downtown Los Angeles and growing up I went to a movie matinee nearly every week. I grew up in movie theaters. I spent a lot of time in the old Village theater in Azusa and the Beacon Theater in Glendora. I guess it was here that my love of going to the movies was born. I truly love the movie going experience even if I have to go alone. But the sheer magic of going to the movies is taken to new heights when you’re there with your children or grandchildren.

In the theater, once the lights dim and the movie begins, if you can suspend belief and allow yourself to be captivated by the big screen for a couple of hours, we all become children again  caught up in the magic of the moment. And what better place to be a kid again than with your own kids or grandkids… Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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