"Senseless Killing in the West"

Who's Next?

There’s something happening here           what it is ain’t exactly clear.                     There’s a man with a gun over there….                                For What It’s Worth                                        Buffalo Springfield”

America has long been a ticking, political time bomb, detonated on occasion by angry, desperate individuals or groups who believe their acts of violence will change the system and make our country a better place.                                                     Fueled by a climate of bigotry, hatred racism and mistrust, that has been escalating since the Obama election, that bomb once again exploded last Saturday in Tuscon, Arizona where a single gunman, who it appears was motivated by his political beliefs, set out to assassinate a U.S. Congresswoman.  Although he failed in his attempt, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was seriously wounded and six others including a young child and a Federal judge were killed. The killer was apprehended by bystanders as he attempted to reload and will face Federal murder charges.

Why you ask would he do such a thing? Surely he must be mad. Well, is that mad as in crazy or mad as in angry? If you’ve been reading or listening to the news about him you know that he held some very strong, if not strange political beliefs.  I mean, come on, government brain-washing and mind control through the use of grammar? Treasonous laws? That my friends doesn’t sound very sane to me. Not that I believe an insanity defense is in his future, there had to be a lot of planning that went into his premeditated act of violence. A ‘mental alibi ‘ is the last thing I want for this animal. Sadly, in our justice system justness is not always the outcome. stranger things have happened. We’ll just have to wait, and in the days ahead we will learn more about the motive for his actions and which direction his defense will go. Until then there will be much finger pointing and the blame game will continue.

So, why did he do it? There are already several theories.  Was it the all the political mudslinging and angry rhetoric tossed around by the talking heads and jaw-flappers of the media who so adamantly call themselves journalist or political commentators? Did the right wing rhetoric play a part?  Perhaps it was the growing grassroots movement know as the Tea Party? Their call for an end to government spending, lower taxes, and reducing the federal deficit, has sure stirred up the hornets nest. Although they are not a national political party, the Tea Party made up of mostly conservatives and republicans,  is extremely influential, they have successfully sponsored local and national, coordinated protests since 2009. Look at how they affected the November elections. Ask a Democrat who lost, they’ll tell you.  Maybe the shooter took their call to action too seriously. Maybe those gun sights on Gifford’s District that Sarah Palin had posted on her right-wing website pushed him over the edge. Odd, how quickly she removed them after the shooting. There were many people who saw the handwriting on the wall, and had forewarned us that all of the angry rhetoric and growing hatred would one day take it toll. Sadly, that day was Saturday.

Another major issue brought to the forefront by Saturday’s tragic events is gun control. Is Arizona’s gun law too lax? Even as a gun owner I have to tell you, I’m questioning their gun laws! It seems Arizona is on its way to being the first original old west state.  As I read it, their law allows a person to carry guns in their cars, in restaurants and other public places as a form of personal protection.  Anyone 21 or older can legally carry a  concealed weapon without a permit.  Now they want to pass a law that will allow college students to carry concealed weapons on campus! what’s next High School? Middle school? Sunday School?

Come on Arizona last year it’s the controversial illegal immigration law, this year it’s your weak gun laws and a murderous rampage! Not the kind of press that brings in the tourist! But you don’t seem to mind the negative attention. you seem to thrive on negativity. Hmmm,  want to really be the center of attention? want to do something that will really kick up the dust and draw some major national attention? I’ve got just the ticket pardner. What say you rustle up a mob, get them good and riled up, maybe even fire some shots in the air and  go down and provide that murderous gunslinger with some good old fashion western justice! Yep, you got it right pardner, I’m sure you got a gawd dang rope and if ya can’t find a tree out dere in the desert, any ol’ streetlight will do the trick. Whatcha waiting for? America’s watchin….

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