"Drinking Buddies of America part two"

Drinking Buddies of America.    Our colors consisted of Budweiser red and white. Truly die-hard DBA’s wore levis jackets with a large Budweiser patch on the back. Our leader, the Grand Caribou who also happens to be Brian S’ uncle was known to wear a floppy Budweiser hat to all the races.

Every time we got together was a notable event as far as we were concerned. But the truly notable events that come to mind are  The1971 DBA Winter Olympics, DBA Day at the Races, Pilgrimages to the Holy Land ( Busch Gardens in Van Nuys) and our DBA Wedding Reception.

The DBA Winter Olympics included events such as:
Beerathlon (Biatholn) –  instead of combining cross country skiing and rifle shooting, we                           combined skateboarding and beer guzzling
6 Pack Dash (not a winter sport but what the hell) – name says it all.
Bobsledding -Seat a drunken uncle Bob on a sled and push him down a snowy slope. Sit                                back pop open a beer and watch the fun.   (never actually tried this one.)
Luge (pronounced lew-gee) – spitting contest.
Alpine Quaffing –  guzzling mass quantities from an Alpine style mug.                                                                       (**note** a Bud Man mug may be substituted.)                                    Figure Pissing –  self-explanatory

Weight Lifting Events (again not a winter sport – oh well)
Dead Lift – Lifting a passed out comrade and seeing how long you can hold him up.         Clean & Jerk – Participants cleanly jerk pull tab off beer cans and consume contents.     Press – After consuming a six pack of Bud participants hold an empty  keg overhead                       for as long as possible.

I’m sure there were other events but this is all I can recall.

DBA Day at the Races There were several “DBA Day at the Races” including outings to Riverside Raceway, Ontario & Marine Stadium in Long Beach for Boat Races. Wearing of colors was required.

Holy Land Pilgrimages Our group visits to Bush Garden in Van Nuys where Bud was made!  I don’t remember how many times we went,  but we always had a blast!

DBA Wedding Reception It was at Our Wedding Reception that the DBA cheer was etched into DBA history. Yes on the 11th day of November 1973 an inebriated Grand Caribou took the stage during a break by the band, introduced himself and led us in a DBA Cheer! I can still remember it so clearly. Bob jumping high in the air with arms raised shouting:

“Give me a D”,(crowd response “D”)   “Give Me a  B!”, (crowd response “B”)                   “Give me an A!” (crowd response “A”)        “What’s that spell?”  (enthusiastically “DBA”)  “What’s that spell?” (louder “DBA”)            “I can’t hear you!” (screaming “DBA”)

followed by cheers and laughter, lots of laughter! It was incredible! The parents and older crowd didn’t have a clue!

Wackies / Women’s Auxiliary Girl friends and wives of DBA’s. They drank Bud on occasion but their drink of choice was Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill a product of the brothers Gallo, Ernest & Julio! They also  enjoyed Boone’s Farm apple wine, and Annie Greenspring’s.

Chant’s / Cheers / Mottos The only chant we had was the DBA Cheer. I don’t recall a motto. If we had a motto it was probably “Anything Bud,” or one of the following Brianism’s:

“Life is just one damned thing after another, hand me a beer.”                                              “Drinking is not a solution, unless we are talking about alcohol.”                                            “Beer is the reason I get out of bed every afternoon.”                                                          “Beer makes you feel the way you should feel without beer.”

I’m not sure where Brian got these sayings but they were fitting.
Brian Muldrow was an awesome guy with a twisted sense of humor like my own. We came up with a lot of crazy shit together. He seemed to bring out the best, or maybe the worst in me. We were quite a team. I know he’d be jazzed to hear that Brian S. is interested in possibly resurrecting the DBA. He’d find it wholly appropriate that another Brian was picking up the DBA cause!  He was the DBA’s founding father and one of my best friends. This website is dedicated to him. I really miss him and the good times we shared.

This Bud’s for you,

Super Soused Squirrel.

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