"A Labor of Love"

Is your life a labor of love? It should be. Everyone should strive to make their time here on Earth a meaningful and worthwhile experience, a true labor of love. First off, do you really know what a labor of love is? To most people a labor of love is simply some kind of altruistic work that a person performs where there is no reward or compensation other than personal satisfaction.

worldpeacecopyAltruistic people unselfishly give of themselves so that others may benefit. They have an unconditional concern for the welfare and well-being of others. They are the Ghandi’s and Mother Theresa’s of the world. Their selflessness is exemplary. Their lives, true labors of love. The well-being of others was their passion, their purpose. Can you imagine what a beautiful world it would be if each and everyone of us could demonstrate even just a fraction of their selflessness in our daily lives? The results would be astounding!

Sadly, the chances of that happening are slim to none. It seems very few people wants to do something for nothing these days. Today it’s all about the reward and compensation. Before anyone can lend a helping hand they first ask themselves “what’s in it for me” or what do I get out of it?” when they should be asking “what can I do for you” or “can I help you?” Unfortunately the “me, I, my” mentality so prevalent  in our society is destroying  kindness and selflessness in America and replacing it with materialism, selfishness, greed and envy.

What’s happened to doing things out of love? Didn’t Christ tell us that the greatest commandment is to Love the Lord our God with all our heart and all our soul and all are mind and all our strength.’ Didn’t He tell us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Of course He did! And added the declaration that here is “no commandment greater than these.”So again I ask, what happened. Why does this command from God fall on so many deaf ears?

Let’s take it a step further, what about the Ten Commandments, do they mean anything at all any more? To some they are guidelines on how to live one’s life, to others they are only words. Some people are guilty of worshiping false gods in the form of the almighty dollar, luxurious automobiles, giant TV’s, jewelry and clothing. It’s all about image. It’s all a show! It really upsets me when I see a family of six living in a shoddy, one bdrm,   apartment in Azusa or any town USA. The kids dressed in hand me downs, and feasting on Cup a’ Soup and junk food, yet out at the curb sits a brand new, 85 thousand dollar, fully loaded, Siver Cadillac Escalade SUV! Wow! Pretty sad.

So what’s wrong with this picture? What kind of prioritizing is going on here? What sort of life lessons are these kids learning? You probably think the above example is extreme. Believe me it isn’t, one of the kids is my counselee!  The only error is the part about being “brand new.” The Escalade is actually a 2012, they’ve had it since last May. I could give plenty of true life examples, but why bother I’m sure you have some of your own. And let’s not get started on covetousness that’s a story in itself. 

Yeah here we are a self-serving, status seeking,  possession seeking, ultra materialistic, society. A society headed for a fall. It would take a labor of love to make things right. A labor of love that begins within each of us. If we all sought to help one another see what is truly important in our everyday lives, thing would begin to change. Oh they’d be baby steps to begin with, no doubt, but in time we would begin to see and feel a difference.

What we need to do is begin changing things by example, strive to be more compassionate, more empathetic and more loving. Wouldn’t that be a true labor of love? Productive work performed voluntarily for the benefit of others, inspired by your passion and purpose, with no monetary compensation. The payoff would be for the greater good of all! A labor of love?  You bet!  Let’s get started!

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