"A Mixed Bag: News Clips"

A hodgepodge of  recent news that caught my eye.

1.)      99% Protests                                                                                                                                  Okay, what about those 99%er’s on Wall Street? “Neither rain, nor snow, nor confiscated generators” will deter their mission! An early snow storm on Saturday gave protesters a sampling of what winter has in store for them. Blankets and tarps will only go so far as New York temperatures continue to drop. Will the 99%er’s endure? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


2.)    1% er’s                                                                                                                                          Speaking of the 99% protest movement, here’s an interesting fact. From 1979 to 2009 The the top 5% of American families saw their real incomes increase 73%. Over the same period, the lowest-income fifth (20% of us) saw a decrease in real income of 4.1%. The rest of us were just stagnant or saw very little increase. Over the same 30 year period the share of national income going to the 1%er’s has skyrocketed but fallen for the vast majority of American families. The top 1%er’s, made up of 1.4 million families that made on average $1 million in 2009,(the latest data available)  share of the nation’s total adjusted gross income was more than the entire bottom half of the population.But believe it or not the real real income growth is happening in the top 0.1%.

3.     Obama States the Obvious  

Did you hear the prudent and sagely, President Obama speaking on the state of the economy the other day? His quote of the day, “the more American’s that prosper. the more America prospers.” No duh!


4.     Giants Fan Shares the Blame for His Beating!  

Heard on the news that Bryan Stow’s the Giants fan who was brutally beaten in parking lot at Dodger Stadium on opening day,may be partially responsible for his own beating! Lawyers for the Dodger’s say that he has some responsibility in his beating because he was intoxicated! Come on, he was at a ballgame, if a blood test was administered to everyone in attendance that day I pretty sure more than half the fans would be above the legal limit. Besides he wasn’t driving! He was walking to the car with friends wearing a Giants jersey, perhaps that was a risky thing to do, but he wasn’t alone. There were several Giants fans there that day. He didn’t provoke the incident, he was singled out by the two assailants who had already tried to start some trouble earlier inside the stadium. So what if Stow’s was drunk, who cares if his blood alcohol was more than double the legal limit? It doesn’t matter! Where was parking lot security? This was an opening day game against our dreaded rivals from the bay area. Shouldn’t there have been more security on hand? You’re damn right there should have been! I can’t believe the Dodgers are allowing attorneys to throw out this obvious red herring to take the focus off the security problem! Shame on them! This  would have never happened if the O’Malley’s still owned the Dodgers.

5.     Lindsay Lohan Get a Freakin’ Life!

Who’s tired of hearing about this ‘prima donna’? I know I sure am!  I used to think she was cute with the freckles and all but now I’m so sick of her antics, they can lock her up and throw away the key! She needs help. She continues to defy court orders. In her last court appearance in mid October she was handcuffed and jailed for violating her probation, by failing to fulfill her community service. She almost immediately posted $100,000 bail and released. She is a free woman until here next hearing on November 2. I can’t believe the judge has been as lenient as he has with this crazy 25 year old. He should just put her in jail for a year and be done with it. If it were you or I we’d be doing our time already.  Yeah LL has hit rock bottom, the drugs and booze have taken their toll.    In other LL news the starlet has agreed to pose nude for Playboy for a cool million dollars. That should help out her money woes a bit. And as if that weren’t bad enough, LL has been offered a million dollars by an adult entertainment company for a plaster cast of her vagina! That’s right The bad girls private part could wind up as the mold for a new sex toy. Many are betting that she wouldn’t stoop that low, but for a million bucks I think she might just do it to help her get out of the hole!

Last but not least:

6.     Boy Scouts of America Guilty of Cover-up!                                                                        

Did you hear about the honor scout from Canada who came to California and molested young boys for years. Worse yet, the organization did absolutely nothing about it! even after the scout admitted molesting 3 boys in Orange County. the organization chose to “take care of it quietly and make sure it never happened again. Kinda sounds like the Catholic Church doesn’t it? Well, like in the church it did happen again and again. He was finally arrested after  abducting a young boy and stealing a small plane. After a psychiatric evaluation  he was committed to a state mental health facility and released 18 months later but was placed on 5 years probation and ordered to return to Canada.                                Instead of going back to Canada.in 1979 he got a job at a Boy Scout Camp not far from the hospital. became a program director and continued molesting boys for three more summers. Finally caught, he agreed to return to Canada in exchange for charges not being filed by the parents of the boys. In Canada he continued molesting scouts was finally caught in 1996 and charged with 10 counts of molestation. He did a total of 7 years for his misdeeds. Sadly he could have been stopped in the late 70’s if the BOA would have come forward with the information they had gathered and turned him in, but keeping their clean image was  much more important than protecting the boys the claim to serve. And all the molester had to say about his two decades of molestation was “It was easy.”

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my Country                   and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,                             mentally awake, and morally straight. 

Yeah right!

Just Saying,



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