"Another California Bullet Train Blunder! Derail It Now!"

trainCan you believe the High Speed Bullet Train is still on track for completion? I certainly can’t! What the hell is Governor Brown’s problem? All this talk recently about a need for a state rainy day fund and still he’s willing to throw tens of billions of dollars into the this lame train project. I simply don’t understand, it defies logic. He should have scrapped this runaway money train the moment he found  out that the estimated costs had more than doubled and put all that money into our rainy day fund. Now that would make political sense. Come on Jerry get with the program! We, the people don’t want to spend a hundred billion dollars on a train. We don’t need no stinkin’ speed train!

When the voter approved train project got underway back in 2008  the cost was estimated at $a mere 33 billion dollars. I say mere because that amount sounds like a real bargain when compared to the most recent cost projection which put the cost at nearly triple the original amount, now a whopping $98.5 billion. Of course state officials downplayed those projections saying a more realistic figure is in the neighborhood of $68 billion. After adjusting for inflation others put the cost at closer to the $98.5 billion. Hello Jerry! What’s wrong with this picture governor? Do you really want to break the bank on a needless super train when there are so many more worthwhile state projects you could latch on to, projects that would be a much more memorable legacy than a drain train.

Today word leaked out that the 520 mile Los Angeles to San Francisco Bullet Train is going to cost Californians even more money that it doesn’t have. To make matters worse state officials allegedly tried to keep this new cost increase from going public. They didn’t want us to know about it! Duh! I wonder why? The newly released figures are connected to a  114 mile section linking Fresno and Bakersfield. Originally this section was to cost just $6.19 billion but the cost has now risen from $940 million to $7.13 billion, a 15% increase.

Enough already! It certainly comes as no surprise that the California High Speed Rail Authority would try to hide costs. This project has become a California money pit! Cost are spiraling out of control and this project will wind up costing substantially more than the latest estimates and the Authority knows it! For them to go so far as to instruct or should I say order analysts to have their numbers be in line with past 2012 projections which would be a violation of California ethic laws. A pretty bold move wouldn’t you say?

Of course the Authority denies any wrong doing, which we all know is a crock of BS! The Authority has more than likely been misleading us all along. Their facts and figures have been grossly manipulated, anything to get their train built. How they got the governor to buy into this scheme is beyond me. There are many across the state that believe it’s time to pull the plug on this runaway train and I’m one of them. Enough is enough!

Governor Brown needs to act now before any more California funding is swallowed up by this needless project. Moving forward on the high-speed train project is far too expensive and an enormous financial risk for California. Besides, with the number of stops scheduled along the route, this train will be anything than speedy and far slower than advertised. The Bullet Train Project needs to be derailed now!

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