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Okay I’ve resisted long enough, it’s time I chimed in on the whole Miley Cyrus ‘twerking’ misadventure at this year’s MTV’s Video Music Awards. Sunday night sweet, 20 year old Miley the former star of the Disney Channel’s ‘Hannah Montana’ and one time role model for preteens everywhere, displayed a side of her seldom seen before Sunday’s award show- her backside and more of it than most viewers cared to see!

Remember that song from the late 60’s “Backfield in Motion”? Well her backfield was definitely in motions as she strutted her stuff across the stage, grinding, bending over and shaking her ass for all the world to see, doing what is referred to as ‘twerking’, a dance in which the dancers  squat and then thrust their hips around so that their butts go all wobbly. Of course to be good at twerking you have to have an ass to begin with. Something Miley is sorely missing. I mean no disrespect but from what I’ve read twerking is not for bony butt girls like her, but for women with more ample assets. You’ve gotta have something to twerk to make it work! Couldn’t she have come up with something more original? Apparently not.

It was a pretty pathetic performance to say the least. If she thought she was being sexy or provocative she failed miserably. She’s certainly no threat to Lady GaGa. What I saw on You Tube was actually pretty comical. Inappropriate, but funny! And whats up with that foam finger prop? What’s that all about? Ugly_Dog_Contest

Worse yet what the hell is up with all that tongue wagging? Has Miley lost complete control of her tongue? Is she suffering from some sort of motor-neurone disease or some other muscular condition? Maybe she has Hanging Tongue Syndrome? No wait that’s a doggie disease! Hell her tongue was out so much she sorta reminded me of a dog badly in need of water! It was definitely weird!


It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl who gained fame on the Disney channel. Kids went gaga for Hannah Montana including my granddaughter! Apparently being a clean and wholesome Disney girl took its toll on Miley. She appears to be doing anything and everything naughty, racy or in bad taste to distance herself from the Disney image. I’m sure her dad must be very disappointed about the turn her career has taken. Although he commented on Monday that he supports and stands behind whatever his daughter chooses to do. I tend to doubt that. And if he does stand behind her I certainly hope it’s not as close as Robin Thicke did at the MTV Awards!


One of several photos tweeted by Miley on Monday.

Despite the negative reaction to her twerking antics, she may have well accomplished exactly what she wanted to do when she took the stage at the award show, she certainly got everybody’s attention. And you no what they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Even now as her new album “Bangerz” is set for release she continues her bad girl ways. The day after her raunchy MTV performance she was tweeting new photos of herself in provocative poses, all showing her rear end.  1377807831000-BangerzAnd today a new batch of promotional photos for her new album  were released  includes one photo that shows her following in the footsteps of such greats as Michael Jackson and Madonna by grabbing her crotch! Yeah Hannah has certainly made her way out of Montana. She’s chosen to go the way of lewd and crude and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, not even daddy…

Just Saying…


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