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I came up with a new idea for blogging. It came to me last week while I was sitting at home doing a piece for my blog. Tired of sitting in the house writing, I moved outside to our little gazebo for a change of pace, unfortunately it was way too windy to be comfortable so I had to go back inside. A few minutes later I decided to take my writing on the road. Having recently discovered a local pub in the area that offers free wi-fi and good tasting micro brew, I thought it might be a good place to go to not only finish up my post but enjoy a pint or two.

The name of the place is Clayton’s Brewing Company. My son introduced me to it last week. He thought it might be to my liking and boy was he right! I’m always game for a good micro brew and this place had a very good tasting amber that I enjoyed very much.  I was definitely looking forward to revisiting the place again. I asked my wife if she cared to join me on my little outing which she did, and away we went.

I’ve got to tell you, it was great! We got there during happy hour which made it even better!  It was nice sitting there sipping a $4 brew and working on my blog while classic rock played in the background. While I wrote my wife read. It was all very relaxing. Once I finished writing and posting my blog, we sampled a few appetizers and shared one last beer. As we sat there enjoying our food and drink, I sat there thinking that there would definitely be doing this again.

Two days later I got home from work around 3:30 exercised, showered and settled in at my computer to write. Try as I might, I couldn’t get motivated so I decided to try blogging away from home yet again. This time I went alone. Instead of Clayton’s I headed hp to Shogun in La Verne instead.  They also have a pretty good happy hour. Their pints of Kirin or Sapporo draft beer are usually around $5, happy hour price is $2.75, a very sweet deal.  I sat at the bar, not the sushi bar, but the cocktail bar, pulled out my mini laptop, ordered a beer and commenced to writing. I was there about an hour and a half. Again I found it quite relaxing to be blogging away from the confines of the house. You would think the it would be distracting with people coming and going and the waitresses filling drink orders, but it didn’t bother me in the least, I rather enjoyed it.

So now I’m thinking that doing a little “Beer n’ Blog” would be a lot of fun, maybe do it like twice a week or so, try out different locations, but I know my wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm for “bar blogging”. I’m sure she’ worried that it may become a habit, or that “Beer n’ Blog’ might evolve into  “Jack D. n’ Blog” or maybe “Margarita n’ Blog.” I’m absolutely positive I could keep to the “Beer n Blog” theme without too much effort, but for now I may have to  cut “B n B” down to a once a week thing. I may even keep the whole “Beer n’ Blog” concept in the planning stages for the time being or perhaps just do it every now and then, gotta consider the little woman’s feelings. Hey,  you know what they say,”Happy wife – Happy Life .

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