"Blue Monday" Update

I received a few suggestion this morning about how to make Blue Monday easier to deal with. I thought they were worth sharing. One took my half day Monday idea one step further, have Monday be a half day but have everyone start work at noon! Another was to make every weekend a 3 dayer. that’s right a 4 day work week!  The last suggestion was to make every Monday a part of the weekend then move all of our Monday holidays to Tuesday!  Yeah! I’m all for it!  Happy Wednesday!


“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Karen Carpenter

Mondays are the worst, especially rainy ones. It’s already hard enough to get up and head back to work after having two days off, the rain just complicates things.  Let me tell you, adding wet, slick streets and freeways, to the Monday morning equation makes for a lot more congestion than normal and a shitload of short tempers. We all know Californians don’t know how to drive in the rain. Yeah getting to work on Mondays isn’t easy, and it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy what you do for a living or if you hate it, Mondays are just tough. Making the transition from the laid back, relaxed, weekend mode to work mode is hard for nearly everyone who has to work for a living. 
 Of course for all the optimist out there (yes there are a few) there is nothing wrong with Mondays. Mondays are simply another great day to be alive! The rain?  Well that’s just an added blessing. California is always in need rain thank you very much! Yeah, to the  optimist Mondays are a new start to a new week! Optimist, always so bright and cheery! Too damn bright and cheery if you ask me, especially for a gloomy, rainy Monday morning.
Then there are all the “we can do it” over-achievers, workaholics and power crazed CEO’s who live to work. They could do away with weekends altogether. After a two day break in the action they are more than anxious to get back to it on Monday morning.  Madmen.
For the the rest of us, raining or not, Monday’s suck. Do you realize that the average worker doesn’t smile on a Monday morning until after 11am! Yes foul moods abound on Mondays and that’s a fact. Employees usually spend from 12 to 30 minutes of their morning s complaining, grumbling and simply being negative before they settle in and accept the fact that they are at work and have a job to do. Unfortunately for some, this negativity stretches well into the afternoon and may actually set a negative tone for the entire week.  Statistics also suggest that productivity is down on Mondays. Many workers complete on average only three and a half actual hours of engaged, productive activity regardless of the type of jobs they have, although they are there for eight or more hours. More employees tend to be late to work on Monday as well, go figure.  Here’s a suggestion. Maybe if employers made ever Monday a half day instead of a full day, attitudes and productivity might actually improve. Just a thought.
It get’s worse. Did you know that there are more heart attacks on Mondays than any other day of the week? That’s right! Researcher seems to prove it. There are more heart attacks on Monday between the hours of 4am to 10am. Whether this phenomenon is due to a rise in blood pressure brought about by the stress of returning to work on Monday or some other factor is yet to be determined, but it seems a logical assumption that the stress of returning to work may play a significant part in it. Just another reason to hate Monday mornings!
And that’s not all. There also seems to be a correlation between Mondays and suicide.  That’s right more suicides occur on Mondays at least that’s what some researchers suggest.   Coincidental? I think not. Mondays are tough all over.  For some Blue Mondays are the result of knowing that they are again at  the start line, 40 hours from the weekend. Others drag themselves into work on Monday exhausted from playing a little too hard over the weekend or nursing hang-overs, what I call “weekend fallout.” A condition that doesn’t lend well to a happy Monday morning.  
So is there any way around “Blue Monday? Sure, it’s all about attitude, mind set. You have to learn to recognize the good in a bad situation. Not always an easy thing to do, especially on a Monday morning. However there are ways to make your Monday a little bit better. You can start by indulging yourself. That’s right, treat yourself to great breakfast, Starbucks or even a Cinnabon or two. A recent study suggests that fatty comfort foods can make you less vulnerable to negative emotions. Hey it’s worth a try.  Altering your route to work on Monday mornings may also help. Stay off the freeways if possible, avoiding the congestion and aggravation may improve your attitude. When you arrive at work avoid the other naysayers and grumblers at all costs. Their negativity is contagious. If you can pull this one off you’ve won half the battle.
I’m not sure if these steps will work or not, but I’m willing to give them a try are you? If so, then stop crying in your Monday morning coffee and realize that there are other good things about Mondays besides Monday Night Football and Cyber Monday and give it a try. It can’t hurt and may even help. Are you up for a little attitude adjustment? Go for it!
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