"Buffalo Springfield Again"

Late last week I came across an article announcing a reunion tour of Buffalo Springfield, one of the premiere Los Angeles rock groups of the mid sixties. Buffalo Springfield was among an elite group of L.A. rockers that included the Doors, Byrds, Seeds, Mamas & Papas and Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention to name a few.  Yeah, After 43 years Buffalo Springfield Again!  Neil Young, Ritchie Furay, and Stephen Stills the three surviving members of the original Springfield are getting back together for a tour that will include two dates in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe it!  I love Buffalo Springfield! They were one of my favorite groups back in the day! I always wanted to see them but they were only around for a couple of years and I never had the opportunity. Well that’s not entirely true. I did have one chance to see them, but didn’t take advantage of it.

It was March 29, 1968, my junior year. I was on major restriction, house arrest actually, after having been involved in a little incident at Bishop Amat High School that resulted in my being kicked out along with eight of my classmates. 1968 had definitely not started well.

My parents ran a restaurant with my aunt, it being a Friday, one of their busiest nights, they had to be at the restaurant early, leaving me at home with my sister and my little brother. I was on the honor system not to leave the house. Having little honor left at the time, I couldn’t wait for them to leave so I could make a break for it. After they left I told my sister I’d be in my room and not to bug me. I blocked the door and climbed out the window. I’m sure she knew I was sneaking out but the risk was well worth it. I waited at the corner until I saw my buddy Randy’s 57 Chevy coming up the street. Soon we were under way!

The plan had been set for weeks, the four of us (Randy, Paul, Dave and I) were going to see Buffalo Springfield! They were playing at Cal Poly Pomona along with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Of course they were only the Union Gap then, before Puckett got a big head. Yeah it was going to be bitchin’ as we used to say, totally bitchin’. Yeah it was going to be, but it wasn’t, we never made it to the concert. We were sidetracked by a red Mustang full of babes at the local McDonalds. Yeah, we let our friggin’ hormones get in the way, again.

The girls were from Charter Oak High and were going to a big party in Covina Hills. We talked for a while and seemed to be hitting it off, but we had different plans, and soon went our separate ways. By the time we reached the Cal Poly parking lot Paul had pretty well convinced us that we should blow off Buffalo Springfield and catch them the next time the next time around, and go find the Mustang girls! We sat in the parking lot and talked about it for awhile and the next thing you know, we were headed to Covina Hills.

Long story we never found the Mustang babes that night or any other for that matter. We must have combed Covina Hills for over an hour. You wouldn’t believe how many parties there were in Covina Hills that night, but no red Mustang. Maybe they were just leading us on, or maybe they’d been out looking for us? Whatever the case, we missed Buffalo Springfield and there was no next time around, Springfield broke up a few months later.

Even after all these years I would still love to see them, but chances are that’s not going to happen.  I just went online and found floor level 1 seats going for upwards of $1150.00! Level 5 at the rear of the theater are at $300, too rich for my blood! I could have seen them that night for $3.00! In the sixties it was all about the music, now it’s all about the moolah!  So for now I’ll have to content myself with listening to my Buffalo Springfield CD’s and watching old performance clips on You Tube. Bitchin’!

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