"Confessions of a Football Fanatic"

“They say Football is a matter of life and death – but it’s more important than that.”            Bill Shanky Quotes
“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable”                         Tom Landry

SeahawksYesterday was quite a day for football fanatics everywhere. Not only did we learn that my team, the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will participate in this years Superbowl, we were also treated to one of the best comebacks in NFL playoff history thanks in part to the the reawakening of the Seattle Seahawks offense with less than 4 minutes left in regulation and the epic collapse of Green Bay. I’m sure Packer fans everywhere are still scratching heads and crying in their cheese wondering just what the hell happened. They probably still feel like they were robbed!

For nearly the entire game it appeared that the Pack would indeed be representing the NFC in the 2015 Superbowl. They completely dominated Seattle. By the end of the first half the Pack led  16 -0. With 178 yards Green Bay was punishing Seattle. They could do no wrong. Other than one Rodgers interception in the end zone, their only mistake seems to have been settling for two field goals early on as Seattle’s defense held in the red zone from less than a yard from the end zone. Of course everyone knows you take the sure points, that’s smart football, but in a playoff game against a team that’s known as a second half team perhaps taking a few chances were in order. I mean even if the Pack hadn’t scored they would have turned the ball over at the one and the way Seattle’s offense was failing to move the ball, it might have been the ‘smart’ thing to do do.

Consider that in the first half Seattle’s QB, Russell Wilson sucked, he was just 2 for 9 for 12 total yards and 3 interceptions for an incredible 0.0% passer rating. Their running game was no better with just 39 yards! Why Green Bay chose not to go for 7  is beyond me. What could it have hurt? A 14 -0 score at that point instead of 6-0 could have made all the difference.  Of course it’s always easy coaching a team from the comfort of your recliner, but I really think the GB coach made the wrong call. In  a playoff game  you need to bite the bullet and take some chances. He played it conservatively especially in the final quarter. Not taking chances cost GB a trip to the Superbowl.

The second half began just as badly for Seattle. Other than a single touchdown in the third quarter earned on a trick play, a fake field goal attempt, Seattle’s offense continued to look sick. By the 4th quarter with about 4 minutes remaining and the Pack leading 19 – 7 Seattle’s Wilson tossed up another interception. For me that was it. I committed the ultimate sin that a fan can commit, and threw in the towel, something a true, die hard fan would never have done. Yeah, I gave up on my team. Even going so far as to tell the GB fans who were watching the game with me that GB was going on to win and Seattle didn’t have a chance in hell. They were  down by 12 with a little less than 4 minutes left. I was certain GB would move the ball down the field get some first downs and and eat up the clock. Yeah I really thought that interception had sealed the deal, Boy was I wrong.

Instead it was only the beginning of the end for GB. They went 3 and out and Seattle got the ball back and scored, closing the gap to 5 points. They then recovered the onside kick, scored again and got a two point conversion on a pass that seemed to float across the field into the arms of the receiver. That gave Seattle a 22-19 lead, their first of the day. The Pack battled back to tie the game and send it into overtime, where a flip of the coin put the ball into Seattle’s hands first and earned them a return trip to the Super Bowl and a chance for Pete and his boys to repeat!

Thankfully the football God’s saw fit to overlook my breach of faith and the weakness I showed in giving up on my team and their ability to mount a comeback, and allowed the Seahawks to go on to an incredible come from behind win! I still can’t believe I didn’t stick with them to the very end. I forgot all about “it’s not over until it’s over” and “it’s not over until the fat lady sings.”  I simply gave up hope. Believe me, even with the win I felt miserable that I had given up on them. That sure won’t happen again… Well unless they’re down by 4 or more touchdowns with only minutes remaining. Just kidding.  Looking forward to a great Super Bowl even though it’s against the Patriots and their deflated balls!

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