"Cops Gone Crazy! So What Else is New!"

Yesterday my thought kept returning to the Kelly Thomas beating and the gruesome photo of him in his hospital bed immediately afterwards. I kept wondering how veteran police officers could have done such a thing? How could trained law enforcement officers sworn to protect and serve, so viciously assault an unarmed, mentally disturbed man who was apparently trying to comply with the officers orders. What could they possibly have been thinking? I kept getting this mental image of a gang of large, Neanderthal type goons,  trolling the streets. when one of gets the not so bright idea, “Let’s f-up the retard.” Pardon my use of that politically incorrect word, but some how I get the idea these gorillas wouldn’t be thinking about political correctness if they were thinking at all.

"Cops or Thugs?"

Can you imagine the bulky frame of Officer Ramos standing over the prone body of Kelly Thomas putting on a pair of latex gloves then extending his fists at Thomas and in a threatening manner saying,”These fists are ready to F-you up.” All the while a frightened Kelly Thomas, in a state of panic begged and pleaded for them to stop. His cries of “help” “Dad” “I’m sorry” and “I can’t breath” did nothing to stop the onslaught.  By the time officer Cicinelli struck Kelly in the face repeatedly with the butt end of a taser he was already unconscious. Unbelievable!

I certainly hope the other officers involved are also charged and the whole bunch of them get what they deserve. They should be throw into prison and put in among the general population! Let them learn what it’s like to be victimized.

That whole brandishing his fist, macho, he-man cop thing  that officer Ramos displayed reminded me of an incident my wife and I witnessed back in 1973. We were driving north across Ganesha Hills on what is now Fairplex Drive between the 10 frwy and the LA CO Fairgrounds, when directly ahead of us there was an accident. The car about a quarter of a mile in front of us had swerved into oncoming traffic and been hit. The car spun and came to rest near the shoulder of the road.

We immediately pulled over and began helping the four people who were in the car.  Two were okay, just shaken up a bit and another had a leg injury. We had her lay down in the back seat of our car.  Another man and I had to work together to get the drivers door open and helped the driver out He who was obviously stoned or intoxicated, probably both. We helped him to the side of the road and sat him down then I went back to our car to check on the girl. The two people in the other car were uninjured.

Because the two cars were partially blocking the road, northbound traffic had backed up as car had to weave there way around the wreckage. I noticed the the driver, who was bleeding from a head injury had gotten up and was stumbling around near the roadway pleading for cars to stop and help. About that time a red corvette with a young man and woman in it happened by. The bleeding victim was about five feet from the car as it passed. Both occupants were looking out the passenger window at the wreck and at him so he asked them to stop and help. I couldn’t believe it! the guy in the Vette actually started laughing, looked away and began moving forward. I guess the injured driver took offense to that because he started shouting at the guy, “Yeah, You think it’s funny? You think this is F-ing funny? Well then F-You!” and gave him the finger. Then he turned his attention back to the other cars coming down the hill.

Well  Mr. Vette guy didn’t like that much and immediately braked and pulled off to the side of the road about fifty feet ahead of the accident. He got out of the car and began walking back towards the injured driver. He was over six foot and well built and looked pissed. By this time several of us were watching him wonder just what his problem was.

As he approached the driver he began taking off his rings and putting them in his pocket as though he were getting ready for a fight. He walked right up to the injured young man and began shoving him around. Several of us were moving closer and shouting at him to knock it off but he didn’t pay any attention and kept harassing the injured man. At one point he knocked him down and stood there towering over the stoned young man, shouting at him to get up.

Needless to say everyone , even the driver of the other car was outraged at this idiots behavior. Everyone was yelling at him to leave the guy alone. That’s about the time the Pomona Police arrived. Two units. One car stopped up the hill behind the accident and the driver immediately got out and began directing traffic. Two more officers got out of the second unit and approached the two men. All of us were shouting about what Mr. Vette guy had been doing and that he should be arrested. One office stayed with the victim and the other walked to the rear of the patrol car accompanied by Mr. Vette guy. I watched as they talked and after a few moments Mr. Vette guy pulled out his wallet. I thought he was pulling out his drivers license but instead he produced a badge. He was a freakin’ cop! Why hadn’t he identified himself as law enforcement immediately? Probably just wanted to have a little fun with the stoned guy, show his honey what a bad ass he was. The two continued talking in a friendly manner and shook hands. I never saw the Pomona cop even write his name down A minute later he was driving away in his vette while the injured driver was being cuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car. It was insane!

People were lining up to give their information to the police as witnesses to what creep cop had done. I gave my information about what I’d seen of both the accident and the cops bad behavior. I was called a few weeks later regarding the accident, but needless to say I never got called about the cop incident. We never did find out if anything happened to him, but I’m quite sure nothing did. You know the code, ‘brothers in blue protect their own.’  That’s much more important than “to protect and serve.”

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