"Dream Weaver" pt 1


Calling all spiritualist and dream interpreters! I need some help. I had quite an interesting dream the other night, It was extremely vivid and in technicolor! I don’t always remember dreaming in color, but this one I  remember. Dreams have been said to be a reflection of our lives, but I have absolutely no idea what this dream  could possibly mean!

Like many dreams it had no definitive beginning and just sort of started, kind of like when you change the channel on the TV and come upon a movie or program  that’s already in progress. Anyway, in the dream  I find myself walking north up Azusa Ave, the main street of my old hometown. I seem to be walking right up the middle of the four lane street. There’s not a single car on the road except for those parked along the curb, and not a soul in sight. The sky above me is a rich shade of blue and cloudless, and the San Gabriel Mountains ahead look incredible clear and close enough to reach out and touch. The sun, somewhere behind me, feels warm on my back and neck and I’m casting a long dark shadow on the roadway ahead of me. It all feels very surreal.

On the northeast corner of Azusa Ave and Sixth Street the doors of  Ruthe’s Barber Shop, the largest in town,  stand wide open but all seven of the barber chairs are empty, there are no barbers, nor customers. Next door, the old Village Theater looms ominously, the box office  window is open but there is no one inside. The lobby is dark except for the yellowish light of the large old fashioned popcorn machine behind the counter which is at work popping kernels. The lights of the marquee are on but not very noticeable in the bright daylight. Two comedies, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and “The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze” are advertised on the marquee.  In the dream I remember seeing the movies at a Sunday matinee with my cousins David and Jeff when I was about 12. It was then that I realized I was dreaming. Isn’t that an odd feeling when you realize you’re in a dream?

Across the street La Dues Cafe stands open, all the lights are on but there is no one inside.  I walk over to the cafe and go inside. It smells delicious, like fried hamburgers. I call out to see if anyone might be there, but in the dream I don’t hear myself calling. Finally I grab a  doughnut from the glass display case on the counter and leave the cafe. Once outside I continue northward toward Route 66. It was all so weird. I was definitely in the Azusa of my youth, circa 1963 /64 but I was all alone.

Then suddenly I found myself standing directly in front of Whites Funeral Home on Foothill which looked like it had been abandoned for years the paint was chipped and faded and the plaster was badly cracked. The green shutters beside each window were rotted and in complete disrepair, and most of the panes of glass had been broken out. The large “Whites” sign out front had been knocked over and pieces were scattered across the lawn. As I stood there staring, the air raid siren near city hall suddenly went off, it’s deplorable, whiny scream filled my head. It was all very eerie.

So what the hell was this freakin’ dream about? I haven’t a clue. But that wasn’t the end of my dream, by no means, it was just the beginning….

To be continued…





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