"Dress Code? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Dress code! Like Hell We Don't!"

“Underbutt” shorts Newest fashion trend from Florida campuses. Appropriate for school? What do you think?

I gotta tell you, as a former teacher and guidance counselor I found the article on Yahoo News about a high school student in Canada who challenged her high school’s dress code of particular interest. It seems the 11th grade girl was busted by school administrators for wearing short shorts to school which is in violation of the schools posted dress code. The poor girl said she felt “attacked” by school officials who conducted a dress code inspection during one of her classes. the girl was appropriately suspended from school and has challenged the dress code as being sexist. Her excuse for wearing her fashionable denim short shorts – are you ready for it?  “OMG! It’s hot outside!”

Come on! Are you kidding me? This is Quebec for Godsakes! The average temperature in May and June is in the mid seventies! Once in a great while the temperature may actual hit the low eighties but it doesn’t happen often. And it was hot outside? Please! What would she be wearing out here in So Cal where the temperatures often hover near the 100 degree mark. Being hot out is a weak excuse for breaking the dress code rules.

Now it’s bad enough that this young lady chose to ignore the school dress code but after failing the dress code inspection she charged out of the classroom and printed up several sheets of paper which read “Don’t humiliate her because she is wearing shorts. It’s hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.” In protest she then placed them around campus. I’m not sure what exactly she expected to gain by her action but school officials quickly removed the posters and sent the girl home on a one day suspension for multiple infractions including the dress code violation.

The School’s dress code is similar to the dress code enforced by most schools and prohibits students from wearing short shorts or short skirts, halter tops, visible underwear, low-riding pants, clothing that is torn or tattered, and anything that shows “excessive” cleavage or midriff. Sounds reasonable to me. Clothing of this nature has no business on campuses. School clothing should be appropriate to the learning environment. Attending classes is not the same as attending parties, dances or other social activities and even in those situations clothing should be monitored, particularly by parents! I can’t believe the way some parents allow their kids to dress for school. It’s ridiculous and certainly makes a good case for school uniforms. if she had been wearing a uniform none of this would have happened.

Of course then this young lady wouldn’t have had her 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure she really enjoyed the attention paid to her by local television and radio reporters. She told reporters “When I started explaining why I didn’t understand that rule, they didn’t really want to hear anything I had to say. I felt very attacked … and I wanted to tell them how I felt.” Oh how traumatic for the poor girl! Not!   What doesn’t she understand about the dress code? It seems pretty clear to me, Hello! No Short Shorts!  Seems to me she knew exactly what she was doing and did it anyway. Making a stink about it afterwards was just her way of getting some attention, probably the same reason she wears those short shorts. 

I find it interesting that she told the media that “There’s a huge rape culture that educational systems aren’t really paying attention to. They’re actually contributing to it without realizing it.” I really have trouble with that comment. How does her situation with the dress code relate to it? She sounds more than a little mixed up to me. If anything the schools are addressing the issue by trying to have students dress appropriately. Hello young lady! The short shorts, short skirts and low cut blouses you and your friends choose to wear are more of a contributing factor, believe me. She also said that the dress code targets girls and is sexists. I believe she is wrong. Dress codes target offenders nothing more. The biggest problem with dress codes is enforcement. And until more administrators and teachers like those at this particular school confront students about their attire on a regular basis there will be students pushing the limits of fashion on campus. Sometimes it’s just easier for faculty to simply look the other way.

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