"Enough Already! Fix the Bleepin' Budget!"

Okay, this whole California budget crisis is getting way out of hand! Haven’t our schools suffered enough already? I’d say so! Yet another major budget cut looms on the horizon, a whopping $2.5 million if projected tax revenues fail to materialize. And by the looks of it, it’s going to happen!  Tax revenues fell nearly $539 million below projections in July, making the mid-year budget cut likely.

Districts, Community colleges and CA state universities are running bare bones already! K-12 has lost class-size reduction and are cramming  classrooms to capacity. Teachers, counselors, aides and other support staff have been slashed and yearly COLA raises haven’t been granted in years. Community colleges and universities are no better off. They’ve seen tuition go through the roof in recent years. Students are already paying 20% more than they were last year and enrollment is being drastically reduced. Cal State schools are beginning the fall school year with 10,000 fewer students than last year and the number of available class sections continues to shrink. At many college campuses needed repairs have been put on hold, part time faculty contracts are not being renewed, summer school programs are being cut and libraries are being all but ignored. And more cuts are on the way? Unbelievable! Enough is enough!

This is a hell of a mess my friends and needs to be resolved quickly. California can ill afford to let our school system deteriorate any further. We’ve gone from being king of the educational mountain to nearly last in the nation! Come on Sacramento get a clue! Get your heads out of your rear ends and do some legislating! You, Democrats and & Republicans alike, need to do whatever it takes to Save Our Schools! You are closing the door to the future on countless students, and instead of working to genuinely solve the problem, you come up with a smoke and mirrors bit of  chicanery to balance the budget in June. Your so called budget cut trigger is a bust! How could you foolishly bank on revenue you already had to know would probably not materialize? Are you insane or just plain stupid? Huh, that was a dumb question.

Legislators are the dark cloud hanging over California’s budget woes. And now with impending mid year cuts they are seeding that dark cloud and raining disaster on our children. They were sent to Sacramento to represent the people! We are the people! Represent us damn it!

It’s a real shame when our governor and legislators are working together to make a bad situation even worse! A real shame when our state prison system budget is deemed more important than education!  A damn shame…

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