"Everyday is a Gift From God"

“Each day is a precious gift.”

downloadDo you believe that everyday of your life is a precious gift from God? Do you believe that you are here right now in this particular time and place because it’s God’s will? I’m relatively certain that most of the people I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know in my lifetime would answer with a resounding yes! Why, because they truly believe. They have learned through the life experience as I have, that God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to allow us to be here. That we are here as part of God’s Eternal Plan and serve a specific purpose. We matter. Our lives matter.

Now, since you say that you believe that each day is a gift from God, let me ask you this, do you live each and everyday mindfully and with purpose? Need some time to think on that one? I know I do. My first thought is to answer yes, but with an explanation. I mean I try, I really do, but it’s not always easy, sometimes the drama of everyday living gets in the way. You know, life happens! And when it does we often get caught up in the bull shit and begin to take what’s really matters for granted. Life becomes a struggle and we soon lose sight of our true purpose for being.

And what might that purpose be? Only God can answer that one. Maybe we’re here to teach others by modeling family values or marriage, or maybe we’re here to be a friend to the sick or the elderly, or simply to be a shoulder to lean on for someone in dire need. Perhaps one true purpose is teach others to love by serving as living examples of God’s love and goodness. Boy, if that’s the case I’m failing miserably. Like I said I try and I do have my good days, sometimes even a succession of good days but eventually I weaken and get caught up in the everyday BS and once again allow valuable time to slips away yet again.

We all know that time is fleeting. We don’t have occasion to waste on petty, insignificant things. Before we know it our time is at hand and if we don’t stay on task and serve our true purpose we will have nothing to show for it. We’re not here to amass treasures or surround ourselves with luxuries. In the grand scheme of things they mean nothing. Life is not a game to be won or lost, nor merely an adventure, it isn’t a party or a sentence to be served. It’s much more than that.

So then why are we here? Why did God even create us? We are all part of God’s Plan, don’t ever forget that. God didn’t create us because He was lonely, bored or on some ego trip. He didn’t create us because He needed us to love, serve or obey Him. God is Love. He created us because He wanted to share His Love and He wants us to share that Love with one another, creating a community of love. Even when we get caught up in rat race and selfishly turn away from Him and self-centeredly try to satisfy our own needs, His love still dwells within us.  God’s love is unending and unconditional. He loves us completely. Nothing can separate us from His Love.

And when we’re conscious of His Love within us, facing life each day purposefully and mindfully becomes less of a burden and more of a joy, making our journey less stressful which allows us to accomplish so much more for Him. Several years ago Father Rich our pastor gave a sermon in which he said, “Life is God’s gift to man. What we do with it is our gift to God.”  Times a wasting…

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