The Terminator! The Governator! The Impregnator!

God, I’m so tired of hearing about Arnold’s love child! All I’ve heard all day long is Arnold, Arnold, Arnold! Tuesday he was the lead story on every major network news program at 4, 5 & 6 10 and 11! He was all over the internet! Come on, he’s not the first and he won’t be the last. It’s not headline news! Give it a rest already! Yet here I am blogging about it. Am I bad…

Arnold joins a long list of politician’s who are part of the cheaters club. Several former presidents allegedly fathered children out of wedlock, including Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland and Warren G. Harding.  More recently several politicians have been involved in scandals John McCain, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, and Gary Hart to name a few. Then of course their was the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky episode, but you’ll never hear Arnie saying Bill’s famous line, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger seven time Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champion, model, actor, businessman, Governator, husband, father and philanderer. Truly a pig among men. Sad really, but the former Governator’s real life has become as cartoonish as one of his silly action characters. Yeah, he really did it this time. The “I behave badly sometimes,”woman groper, let his bulging muscle – I mean muscles, get him into trouble.

What doesn’t Arnold the pig do? If he isn’t grabbing at breasts, reaching under skirts, grabbing at butts, trying to remove bathing suits or sitting young ladies on his lap, he’s knocking up the hired help! What a guy! The Impregnator!

You’ve got to wonder, if this dutiful, family housekeeper of twenty years, who dedicated her life to caring for the families needs, (particularly Arnold’s)  gave birth to his child 15 years ago (around the same time as Maria)and the truth is only now coming out, you gotta wonder, how long before she got pregnant had the affair been going on? And for that matter how long after did it go on? I mean she was with the family for nearly five years before and fifteen years after, so who really knows for sure? And actually who really cares? TMZ?

The Impregnator’s latest actions don’t surprise me in the least. I’ve never had much respect for Arnold as an actor or politician. I do think he was an incredible bodybuilder who had his day and took full advantage of his Mr. Olympia bodybuilding celebrity status to get where he is today.  Even though his acting ability is certainly lacking credibility, no one can deny that he has been successful, but real talent? Nah.. Come on, what’s he done? Conan?Red Sonja? Running Man? Twins? All forgettable roles. Mr Freeze and Terminator? the kings of the one liners? I don’t think so, not the stuff academy awards are made of.

About the only thing Arnold’s done with any meat on it was a significant role he had in a movie called “Staying Hungry” with Jeff Bridges and Sally Fields, for which he won a Golden Globe Award in1976 for new male star of the year. Of course he was a natural for the role, he was made for it! He played a carefree, Austrian body builder who is training for a Mr. Universe competition. Duh!!

Although fathering a child with the family housekeeper behind his wife’s back and keeping it secret for over this long is a new low even for Arnie, I have no doubt that in time, the Impregnator will rise above this current setback and move forward. As he’s so fond of  saying, “I’ll be Back.”  and he will, you can count on it…

Good Luck Maria, you’re much better off without that disgusting buffoon!

Just Saying…


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