George Zimmerman: "Notoriety Aftermath"

demotivational-posters-george-zimmerman-funnyRemember George Zimmerman the overzealous Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin back in February of 2012? I’m sure you do, the killing and subsequent murder trial were a media bonanza and received worldwide attention. During the course of the trial questions were raised about such important issues as racial profiling, vigilantism, gun control and self defense. Was Zimmerman a vigilante who racially profiled the young Martin and provoked the confrontation or was he merely a citizen exercising his right of self defense? In July 2013 a jury sided with him and acquitted Zimmerman of all charges, a verdict that further fueled the Zimmerman media frenzy.

Even after all the hoopla created by his acquittal did a slow fade, Zimmerman has continued to remain newsworthy. In the months since being acquitted he has been in the news for a variety of topics including, major depression, several traffic stops, suicide attempts involving a handgun on one occasion and a sleeping pill overdose on another, divorce, allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun and bankruptcy after falling into $2.5 million in debt. Still hanging over his head is the possibility of federal civil rights charges. An announcement by the Feds will be made soon.

This week Zimmerman’s back in the news again with an interview he did for a Spanish TV network in which he claims that since the acquittal he’s been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, can’t get a job and is living in a state of constant fear. In the same interview Zimmerman also blames the president for his situation claiming that during his reelection campaign Obama played the race card when he spoke about the racially sensitive Trayvon Martin shooting in an effort to gain votes. He also blamed the tons of unfair media coverage he’s been receiving for current troubles. He goes on to say that he’s still receiving death threats and knows that he’ll never be a free man. Poor Bastard.

This guys got problems. I think Zimmerman secretly enjoyed all the media attention he received after the shooting and during the trial, he enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame and seemed to bask in the limelight when the press was all over him before the verdict. He couldn’t get enough. Once he was cleared you would think he would have tried to get on with his life but apparently not. The need for attention was too great. Acquitted, he was no longer the star of his own show and couldn’t handle being back in the normal life routine.  Now it’s all the presses fault that his live is in shambles and he’s got PTSD. I think the whole interview is just another sick attempt at making headlines. He’s one sick puppy.

I don’t know about you but I thought Zimmerman was an oddball from the first time I saw him on the news. His story just never made sense to me. I believe that he actually thought he was going to be a hero to the community by confronting Trayvon.  He continued pursuing him even after he was told by a police dispatcher not to follow him any longer. I’d like to believe that the shooting was an act of self-defense but he confronted Trayvon and the shooting occurred only after he realized that the person he’d confronted was overpowering him and he then feared for his life. Perhaps there was a struggle for the gun. We’ll never know what on that night, what words were exchanged between the two. We know that one of the was screaming but which one of the two is unclear. Whatever happened, Zimmerman has to live with the memories of that night. I’m sure those ghosts will haunt him to the grave.

In the latest interview Zimmerman insists that he has no regrets about the shooting. ” I know that if I did not act the way I acted I would not be here,” he told Univision. Perhaps he’s right, but what does “acted the way I acted” mean? Is he saying that if he hadn’t acted like a damn fool, vigilante and pulled a John Wayne move that ended the life of Trayvon  he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in today? Or does he mean if he hadn’t acted like a damn fool and actually listened to the dispatcher and stopped following Trayvon he wouldn’t be here suffering from PTSD? Or does he mean if he had had the upper hand in the physical confrontation and simply restrained Trayvon, he wouldn’t be here today? What the hell does Zimmerman really mean by that statement?

Know what I think he means? I think he means that if he hadn’t acted like a damn fool and confronted the much stronger Trayvon, he wouldn’t have got the hell kicked out of him, been scared shitless and forced to shoot Trayvon to save his skin or he’d be the dead one right now. Whatever the case, that one night changed Zimmerman’s life forever and we’ll continue hearing about his various arrests, altercations and other mistakes until one day he turns up dead which will earn him his final headline much like what happened to Rodney King. At the rate Zimmerman’s going it won’t be long now…

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