"God Help Us All"

There’s something happening here                                                                                                   What it is ain’t exact clear,                                                                                                             There’s a man with a gun over there,                                                                                       Telling me I got to beware,                                                                                                           Think it’s time we stop,                                                                                                                           Hey what’s that sound?                                                                                                                     Everybody look what going down…         Buffalo Springfield 1967

maxresdefaultCan anyone please tell me what the hell is going on?  Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening? Our country appears to be coming apart at the seams. Everywhere you look there is division and conflict. We are a nation at odds, a nation divided.  We just can’t seem to agree on anything anymore, we are either for or against.We have developed an Us versus Them mentality. A quick look at Congress will prove that. They are constantly bickering and arguing as talking heads sometimes do, which results in very little getting done. They are in an ongoing state of gridlock.  It appears that the fools on the hill have forgotten that we, which includes all of them, are the “United” States of America.  It’s all about us.

I realize it’s not easy, every change in the presidency is tough on Congress, with changing political platforms and ideals Congress must make adjustments. They needs to be flexible and willing to compromise. It is their duty to work together for the common good, that is, what is best for the people of our nation. Us! Forget Party lines and Party rhetoric, when it comes to making decisions We the people are all that matter! It’s about us, not the Party. The two Obama terms have been a nightmare on the Hill. Republicans have fought the Democratic President every step of the way. Their antics have not sat well with the many and have nearly destroyed America.  Our representatives can’t find anything to agree on anymore. It’s all or nothing. There are no middle of the road alternative that both sides can agree on. There is no compromise. There is only the Party line, and believe me, a hard party line has been drawn.

I believe the time has come to put put our political system in order and try something different in Washington, something that might actually work. We the People are angry and fed up with Congress who currently has an over 80% disapproval rating. We can’t go on this way, the time for change in our political system is at hand. There will be no progress until things on the hill are changed and We the People are represented honestly in Washington. For that to happen the two party system, at least in its current form,  has got to go! Career politicians have got to go. We need to impose term limits. The Hill was never intended to be a career position. Representatives were to serve their term and go home, not opening the door for fresh representation every few years. Career politicians need to be removed. In November 88% of the fools on the hill are up for reelection. We the People have a golden opportunity to change the system. We have an obligation to make things better, make them right. Be sure to vote.

Also in need of an overhaul is the procedure for electing our President. The whole electoral college thing has got to go. Presidential elections should be determined by the popular vote only, by the People. The idea that the electoral college has the final say is absurd. The conditions that prompted the creation of the electoral college no longer exist. There is no longer a need for it. Without the EC every state would be important instead of just a handful of swing states, and every vote would matter. Wouldn’t that be something. Hey it could happen.

In the meantime we are left to contend with our upcoming election and the nasty, three ring circus that is sure to precede it. Look at our upcoming election. As it stands now it appears that Hillary and the Donald will be facing off for the presidency in November. Barring some sort of a miracle, the upcoming Republican and Democratic Conventions will confirm this likely clown showdown and we will be left to choose between two candidates who have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted. As in a number of past presidential elections, we will again be forced to choose between two disturbing candidates and will likely cast our vote for the candidate who we come to believe is the lesser of two evils. Is this anyway to choose a president? Oh hell no! It’s hard to believe that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the best that either party has to offer. Both are under the ever watchful eye of the press and have had their past as well as their private lives scrutinized by hungry reporters looking for a ‘big story’. Already they’ve managed to make Hillary and Donald look like fools which apparently isn’t hard to do, and managed to make the the U S of A the laughing stock of the entire planet. So with the conventions about to begin I can assure you the worst is yet to come. It’s going to get really nasty over the next few months. Both candidates are good at dishing it out. It’ll be a real battle. We’ll just have to wait and see who comes out on top. Let the mudslinging begin in earnest.

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