Good Health Habits Fact or Fiction?

goodhealth1_smallJust when we think we’re finally doing a few things right that just might improve our health a bit and perhaps add a little “bonus time” to our lives, Woman’s Day magazine comes along and  blows it for us. With nothing better to do yesterday(yeah right) I found myself clicking on a Yahoo news link that caught my eye titled, “9 Habits That Can Do More Harm Than Good.”

Bad news guys, some of the very things we do that we think are improving our health and hygiene may come back to bite us in the butt in the long run. We all grew up hearing the sagely wisdom “Eat right, get plenty of rest, exercise and see your doctor regularly.” Well Woman’s Day is here to tell us there’s more to it than that.  Here’s a few examples.

So you use hand sanitizer regularly, maybe even keep a bottle on your desk at work. Shake a hand – sanitize,  handle something grimy or dusty- sanitize, sneeze or cough – sanitize. Well unless your sanitizer is at least 60% alcohol which kills about 99% of bacteria on contact, your setting yourself up for a fall. Better check that label, some hand sanitizers may actually promote bacteria and virus resistance to certain antibiotic medications! Bet you didn’t know that.

Exercise. Are you one of those people who stick to the same cardio workout day after day? Surprise, when you continually repeat motion like bicycling, treadmills and the like, your body will become get so use to the routine that in time you’ll actually be burning less fat. The answer fool your body with a varied routine, circuit training is much more effective.

How about this one? Mom was wrong! Brushing your teeth after every meal can actually be doing more harm than good. Food leaves acid on your teeth which weakens the enamel, “and brushing while the enamel is in a weakened state can actually scrub the enamel away.” Better to just rinse with water and brush in the morning and evening.  Good to know. Would have been better to know a lot sooner.

What about drinking water. Do you tap or do you bottle?  Most people these days avoid tap water like the plague. Seems we need the fluoride found in tap water and can actually suffer from a fluoride deficiency and tooth decay. Bottle water has no fluoride, so again what we think is helping us is actually harming us.

And what about your feet, do you take care of them? You should. Do you realize just how important they are. Our feet bare the weight of our body for our lifetime. We use our feet almost all the time, while standing, walking, playing sports, exercising, performing household chores, etc. They are the brunt of our support system.  25% of our bodies bones are located in our feet! Yeah we should take good care of them. But do we?

Sure we give them a break when we get home from work, weekends and summers. We pull them out of  poor fitting shoes and pointed high heels we wear for work.  We slip into comfortable flip-flops and loose fitting sandals to give them a break, but we are actually doing them more harm than good. This summer footwear give little or no arch support and make the muscles of the feet work overtime just to keep them on. Worse yet we run around barefoot, exposing them to injury and infectious skin diseases which are easily spread poolside, in pedicure salons and in gyms. This kind care as in “I don’t care, they feel good,” can be a crippling affliction in year to come.

So there you have it. Perhaps like me, you’ve learned something. for more info or if you’d like to read about all nine habits, check out the Woman’s Day website. In the meantime  wear good shoes, drink from the tap, don’t brush after every meal and mix up your exercise routine. Who knows you may actually live a little longer. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to get plenty of rest and see your doctor regularly!

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