"Good to Get Away: Father's Day Getaway 2014"

Prado_Regional_Park_full In keeping with our Father’s Day tradition we went camping with the kids this past weekend. This is the fourth year we’ve gone camping on Father’s Day weekend. This year we went to Prado Regional Park in Chino our second time there. Last year we went to Bonelli Park. We’ve been there twice as well. Neither campground is very far from home, Bonelli is less than 10 minutes and Prado about 20 minutes. As close as the campgrounds are, it still feels like a getaway. Besides, the grandkids love it. They have an incredible time and so do the rest of us! I tell you, it’s always good to get away.

This years trip got off to a bit of an ominous start. On Thursday evening, the night before we were to leave, my eldest son’s 39 foot motorhome caught fire and was pretty much destroyed. In spite of the loss my son and daughter in law were determined to take their three kids camping. The kids had really been looking forward to it and even if he had to pitch a tent he said he was taking them. Well he didn’t have to tent it after all. Since we were so close to home Ray and I decided to let the 5 of them use our motorhome to spend the night and the two of us drove home both nights. Although we didn’t spend the night it was still the whole camping experience minus the sleepover.

Friday Ray and I got to the park about two-thirty in the afternoon, set up camp, hooked up the motorhome then kicked back and had a beer while we waited for the kids to arrive. Ernie and Janene got there about 3:30. It was fun watching the kids pile out of the motorhome they were excited and more than ready to start their camping adventure! This year their cousin Anthony has been staying with them so right now they are a family of 6 for the time being. Anthony is a great kid, well mannered and well behaved. A perfect fit for their family. They immediately got out their bikes and power scooter and started having fun! John, Suzanne arrived around 5. Their 3 boys jumped right in and began having fun with their cousins. Not long after that Little and Kendra arrived. Alan was not far behind. Our camping trip had begun!

After an hour or so of talk and relaxing Raylene with the girls assistance began preparing dinner. We had Ray’s Taco Night! A real treat and a tradition from back in our summer camping days. They were delicious!  After dinner we had a fire and sat around talking while all the grandkids went to Ernie and Janene’s coach to wind down and watch a movie. Ray and I left for home around 11. Day 1 complete and looking forward to day 2.

On Saturday we were back at the campsite a little after 10 AM. I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing. Between nothings I took a short nap in the coach, did some reading, did some online shopping for some new captain chairs for the motorhome and went on a couple of bike rides. My first ride was with the grandkids but it got cut short because they were riding their electric scooters and one of them ran out of juice. Poor Jonathan had to walk his nearly all the way back to camp. Later while dinner was being prepared I went out on another ride by myself. It was a nice, peaceful ride.  The rest of the day as I did nothing or at least very little,  the kids ran themselves ragged but like the energizer bunny they never stopped! I don’t know where they get all that energy from, but they just keep on going!

I gotta tell you it was very nice to just sit around and do absolutely nothing. At home it’s hard to do because there are projects and things that need to be done. When I sit around at home watching TV, or am on the computer, I’m always filled with guilt because I know there are things I could and should be doing. Call me crazy, but even though I’m now retired I feel a sense of responsibility to keep busy and get things done. I don’t know whats wrong with me. At least while at the campgrounds I’m out of my home element and the things that need doing are not readily at hand. Its a lot easier to just kick back sip on a beer and do NOTHING! Believe me! I really enjoyed doing nothing and should do nothing more often, we all should for the sake of both our mental and physical health. Sometimes doing noting at all is the best thing you can do. Yeah Saturday was a very good day.

Saturday evening the girls made steaks for the fathers and hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone else. Delicious! After dinner we again had a campfire and sat around it drinking and talking. We also took the time to exchange our Father’s Day gifts on Saturday night. We usually do Sunday morning breakfast then do the gifts but this year since John and Suzanne were using our motorhome and because Ray was going with my cousin Yolanda to San Jose on Sunday morning, doing the gifts Saturday worked better for all of us. That way we wouldn’t have to drive back to the campgrounds in the morning to pick up the motorhome. John Michael could drive it back to the house for us.

Yes it was another excellent Father’s Day getaway. The grandkids had a blast and we had so much fun and shared some heartfelt laughter. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite awhile. One thing that was new this year was the addition of Beer Pong! That’s right, my youngest son Alan brought his Beer Pong table to the campsite with him. I had never played BP before but I figured why not I’m game. Maybe I’d get lucky and teach Alan a thing or two.

beer_pongWe began the game as teams. Alan and I vs Raylene and Suzanne. It was a close game but Al and I prevailed. We then challenged John M and Suzanne and again won. Our next game was singles and pitted me against Alan.  He plays all the time with his friends and all I had was two games under my belt. We had a great match. He jumped out to a quick lead but eventually I managed to catch up until we both had only one cup left. After several rounds  I beat him and became the reigning Beer Pong Champion! Yeah, the old man won!

What a terrific weekend! Thanks kids for another fun filled Father’s Day getaway! I’m sure next year’s will be even better!

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