Governor Brown and our Drought

Dear Governor Brown,

Are we drying up?Like the vast majority of Californians I am extremely concerned about our current water crisis. This season dismal rain and snowfall coupled with the low averages of the last several years has left our state in a serious drought condition. Although I believe a mandatory cutback in water usage is called for, a 25% reduction seems rather harsh. I would have thought a 10-15% reduction in residential water usage would have been a more appropriate first step with a greater focus on the water used by state and county agencies, cities, municipalities and yes my club swinging friends, golf courses. Sorry about that, but it takes a hell of a lot of water to keep those courses green. I know California golf courses have been working hard since 2009 to reduce water usage by 20% and a few have even bitten the bullet and installed water recycling systems. Unfortunately they are very expensive so most courses choose the conservation method instead. Since golf courses and country clubs are already green perhaps it’s time for them to go brown. Can you imagine 18 hole, brown golf courses? Hey why not? If the lawn on my little third of an acre parcel has to go brown they should too.  A lot of water could be saved statewide. Think about it.

I can’t tell you how much water I see wasted everyday along parkways, freeways, parks, and schools. The main culprit being broken sprinkler heads and damaged or improperly programmed timers. I hate seeing water spilling into the streets from a broken or poorly aligned sprinkler or worse yet rainbirds in full spray along the side of the freeway when it is actually raining! What a waste. Why don’t you have your people look into it.

I truly believe you are concerned about our drought as am I and believe me, I’m more than willing to do my part in reducing my current water usage. However if  you’re serious about saving our great state you need to do much more than mandatory water cuts. This drought didn’t happen overnight. It has been in the making for years. Why didn’t you take action sooner. We wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had acted sooner. If you had thrown money at the water problem the way you’re throwing money at your high speed legacy train, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  I gotta tell you we have an ocean at our doorstep, desalination plants would have been a much smarter project for a governor to hitch a ride on instead of a speedy train. Perhaps you didn’t like your name associated with a desalination project and you’re probably right. The ‘Brown Water Project’ does sound a little funny.

lat-la-me-bullet-train-hearing-wre0012885778-20101202Think about it Jerry. The $68 billion plus being spent on your bullet train could go a long way to truly helping Californians now and in the future.Talk about leaving a legacy! A desalination plant like the one currently being built in Carlsbad will provide 50 million gallons of drinking water a day! We should have several of these plants in operation already or at least in various stages of completion. And the cost? A fraction of what is being spent on the train. A plant like Carlsbad’s cost $1 billion. We could have dozens of these plants up and down the coast and still have billions of dollars left for other important projects. What I find interesting is that for decades the argument against desalination has been the high cost, so they were never built. Yet the multi-billion dollar train is being built, full steam ahead.

Yes governor, you missed the boat on this one. You could be the hero you’ve always wanted to be, your legacy would be etched in stone and remembered forever. You have the opportunity to be the savior of California, the chance to make us truly drought proof. I urge you to reconsider your priorities and consider the priorities of all of California instead. It’s the right thing to do.

Just Saying…

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