"HBD My Little Angel! Dreams Do Come True"

20141006_201225Yesterday was my daughter Janene’s  39th birthday. Just one year remaining as a thirty-something then its the big 40! It just doesn’t seem possible. Where did all the years go? It seems like only yesterday that I was 39! It’s hard to believe it’s been 24 years since I was there. My once dark hair has faded gray, I’ve put on some “age” weight and oh how my muscles scream at me like never before when I overdo it in the yard or after working on some project. Yeah it’s definitely been awhile since I was 39. Time does indeed fly. Oh boy does it! 

30 years ago my one and only daughter, entered this crazy world and changed our lives forever. But she didn’t come in kicking and screaming her head off like I did, quite the opposite. She came into this world without a sound and even when the doctor cleared her throat and slapped the bottom of her feet several times she remained silent. When she first came out I swear that her eyes opened for just a moment and she looked directly at me, at least that’s how it appeared to me, but just as quickly her eyes closed. Perhaps it was my imagination but I don’t think so. Then when she wouldn’t cry I got really scared and thought she was dead! The harder they worked on her to try and get her going the more frightened I became.  Her feet were black and blue from the many slaps they’d received but she just wouldn’t cry.

I remember rushing out of the delivery room into a hallway, then out a side door where I quickly lit a cigarette. I felt so helpless. I stood there thinking “Oh my God my daughter’s dead, she’s dead,” then suddenly thinking of my wife and rushing back in! Just as I hit the double doors to the delivery room, wondering what I was going to say to my wife, my daughter at long last cried. It was such a welcomed relief that I too cried. When I walked in the doctor looked at me and said I looked like I’d seen a ghost. Then he must have realized what had been going on in my head and said “You didn’t think she was in any danger did you?  Her slow response was because she too had been affected by the drugs in the spinal anesthesia they’d given my wife. Duh!

Hey what did I know? I was 24 and had not attended any birthing classes. In fact I had no idea I was going to be in the delivery room at all until minutes before my daughter was born. Dr. Mulford who delivered Janene was also my doctor and had delivered me! It was his last minute idea to have me in there. I had definitely not planned on it. In fact once they wheeled Raylene out of the labor room I went back to the waiting are and was sitting there with Ray’s parents and my buddy Brian smoking a cigarette when there was a knock on the small square of glass in the door. I turned to look and it was Dr. Mulford waving for me. When I went out in the hallway to see what was up he handed me some scrubs and told me I was going to be in the delivery room. You can imagine my surprise at the news, but I was game and in spite of my scare it was an awesome experience.

My daughter is an incredibly kind and considerate young women. She is a fantastic daughter, wife, mother and teacher. She has surpassed our every expectation as have all my children and she still continues to amaze me with all she does for everyone. She is a very special women, a light in a sometimes dark and confusing world. I’m so proud of her. On this her 39th birthday, my wish for her is the same as its been for several years now. What I want for her is the best that life has to offer, happiness, joy and an abundance of love, for all the days of her life. I pray that God grants this wish and continues to bestow His blessings upon her and her family. She deserves it.

Happy birthday Baby Girl! Remember to always follow your heart.

“Dreams do come true…



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