I Believe in Miracles"

Do you believe in miracles? I certainly do. In fact I believe I’ve seen my fair share of miracles during my lifetime. Now I know that probably sounds odd, since miracles are purported to be such rare occurrences, but my definition of a miracle is probably much different from yours. You see I don’t believe that miracles are limited to isolated acts of  Divine Intervention.

Certainly the Bible gives us countless examples of divine miracles. In the Old Testament we have the miracle of creation, the great flood, the ten plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea and manna falling from the heavens to name a few, while in the New Testament we have all the miracles performed by Jesus as he ministered in Judea, Galiliee, Jerusalem, Samaria, Jordan, and Caperneum, where he turned water to wine, cured the sick and lame, raised the dead, restored sight to the blind, walked on water and rose from the dead. These were indeed miraculous events and cannot be contested. So a miracle by definition is an event or action that goes beyond the natural abilities of man,  defies the laws of nature, is  attributed to a supernatural cause, and only occur occasionally.

I have a problem with that. I believe those grand, occasional miracles are vivid reminders that it is God’s will that constantly drives nature. I tend to subscribe more to the Jewish view on miracles which is quite different. They believe, as do I, that nature itself is miraculous, and a miracle is just as common as nature. They both are the fulfillment of the will of God or divine intervention. But because miracles in nature are constantly occurring they tend to lose their miraculous effect and are taken for granted. It is only the infrequency of the ‘miracle’ that suddenly reminds us of God’s influence and involvement in our daily lives.

From this point of view it’s apparent that miracles are happening all the time, but we simple aren’t observant enough to see them. Sometimes these miracles are subtle or inconspicuous and an effort must be made to see them. We will see them only if we want to see them. I tell you, it’s all about perception.  In nature God’s involvement is sometimes subtle and unnoticed, but if you truly believe that God is the driving force behind all things that occur in our lives,  then you’ll  begin to view the harmony of nature as one long, incredible  miracle, which is what it certainly is. Once your eyes and heart have been opened even the simplest of things, like the growth of a plant or flower, the beauty of the starlit night or the crashing of the waves on the shores appear miraculous.

Yes my friends miracles abound. I have witnessed some miraculous things in my lifetime.   I’ve experienced the miracle of true love and life-long friendship, and I’ve experienced personal change, a change of heart, mind and attitude! I’m sure there are those who know me who believe that that in itself was a miracle, I certainly do! I have witnessed the great miracle of life through the births of my three children. I can’t begin to explain the awe and wonder I felt as I watched each of them come into the world, truly a miracle, three miracles!

Then there was my wife’s battle with and ultimate victory over breast cancer which showed me not only the power of prayer and the undying faith, but the miracle of modern medicine and technology in the form of a stem-cell transplant that aided her in her fight for life nearly eight years ago.  I also rejoice in the many miracles of everyday, the rising and setting of the sun, a full moon on a starry, wintry night, the smile on the face of a child, the excitement and energetic rush of simply being alive! And so much more!

Recently I chanced to experience a monumental miracle, one of those once in a lifetime moments designed to remind us that yes indeed there is a God!  A few weeks ago my son-in-law, a journeyman lineman was on the job when he was hit with a 7200 volts electrical charge that passed through his right hand, coursed through his body and exited his left  wrist. By rights he should have been dead,  but by the grace of God he’s still with us. He suffered second and third degree burns on his hands and wrist, but no nerve damage. He underwent surgery to remove the burned skin and had synthetic skin applied and a second surgery days later to remove the synthetic skin and have skin grafts. He’ll be off of work for about a month while his burns heal, but otherwise he is doing fine. He’s the luckiest man alive. So do I believe in miracles?  You bet your life I do!

Miracles happen! You just have to believe!  I continue to pray for those who doubt, for they are still spiritually and intellectually immature. Hopefully, in time, they will be enlightened and learn to see the true nature of God’s precious gift of life to us. Only then will they be able to  appreciate the many miracles around us. It is a beautiful, humbling experience. Believe me, I know, been there done that. I believe in miracles! You should too!

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