"I'll Break You in Half Like a Boy!"

imagesI gotta tell you I’m so sick of the media, they just don’t know when to quit especially when it involves one of their own. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 24 hours I’m sure you’ve heard about the ‘vicious’ attack by Congressman Michael Grimm on a cable-news reporter who had been conducting an on-air interview with him immediately following the president’s State of the Union Address. Apparently the interview was to focus only on the president’s speech but when that topic had been covered the reporter in true journalistic fashion fired an off topic question at the Rep. regarding allegations concerning his campaign finances. Grimm ended the interview stormed off only to return a  few moments later to confront the reporter. Unfortunately for him the cameras were still rolling.

Okay so Grimm tried to intimidate a reporter big deal! I’m sure he’s not the first fool on the hill to do so and he definitely won’t be the last. Who cares if Grimm made a couple of meaningless threats and dropped the F-bomb? So what if he bullied the poor little reporter. It’s my understanding that the interview had been prearranged with the cable network and Grimm was actually doing them a favor by doing the interview with them instead of other news outlets. The interview was to cover only the State of the Union however like any good news journalist the reporter couldn’t resist throwing out an off topic question that he’d been trying to get an answer to for weeks. He saw an opportunity and took it. Was it a cheap shot as Grimm called it or was it simply a case of good news journalism?


Personally I don’t think Grimm’s action’s are all that newsworthy. Sure they deserve a mention, no doubt about it, but they certainly don’t deserve the mega coverage and buzz the incident has generated. I truly believe that it is only because it involved a fellow reporter that its become a ‘sensational’ story, news journalists rallying around their own. Sure Grimm should have never lost his cool that way.  After being asked about the campaign funding he ended the interview graciously enough by saying “I’m not talking about anything that’s off-topic, this is only about the president,” and walked off camera. Too bad he didn’t just kept on walking. Instead he returned and got in the reporters face after hearing him close the news piece with a comment about  Grimm refusing to to talk about the allegations.

I can understand Grimm anger. He’s probably got a lot on his mind with the probe into his campaign funding and banging heads with the Democrats.  He simply got so upset that he just boiled over and got in the reporters face. Come on, We’ve all made cheap threats at one time or other, “I’ll break you in half like a boy,” scary threat. On the other hand “I’ll throw you over the f-ing balcony” now that one’s a lot more serious but still not worthy of all the press this incident has been getting! Reporters just don’t know when to quit. Even after Grimm apologized to the reporter and the apology was accepted the story kept growing.

I saw a clip on Yahoo news of a female reporter cornering Grimm this morning as he waited for an elevator, she was firing question after question about the incident. The news crew even rode down in the elevator with him. Grimm remained cool, calm and collected through the entire interview, apologized for his actions several times said that there was no excuse for what he had done and even announced that he’d apologized to the reporter and that they were going to lunch. But the newswoman would have none of that. She was relentless she kept coming back to what she called the “attack.” Each time Grimm would explain himself she kept repeating ” but you made threats against him!” Enough already! Leave the guy alone!

Is this how a U.S. Congressman should behave? No, probably not, but weren’t the fools on the hill all acting like a bunch of big babies just a few short months ago when the government shut down? Come on people get a clue. Congressmen are people too, they can make errors in judgement just like the rest of us. Grimm screwed up, he let his guard down and his emotions got the better of him. I truly think he believe the reporter was out of line and took a cheap shot at him and it bothered him. Oh well he should have seen it coming. Betcha he wont get sucker punched by a reporter like that again. Reporters live for moments like that. They’ve got there victims out there for all to see, stick to the script for awhile to get them relaxed, then BLAM! hit em where it hurts. It’s a jungle out there.

Best be prepared, we’ll be hearing about Grimm for awhile especially on late night TV. Remember what happened to Rep. Anthony Weiner. Yep, this is just the kind of crap that Letterman, Leno and Fallon live for.  Buck up Congressman Grimm now the fun begins…

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