"It's Good to be King"



“It’s good to be king.” I’m  not really sure who coined the phrase, I think it was King Louis XIV, but it definitely speaks volumes about  the satisfaction of having executive power and authority. Even on the final day of his reign a king is still the man and can act freely regardless of the consequences.

It seems the same can be said about our former governator, who, on the night before leaving office was extremely busy commuting sentences, granting pardons and making some very interesting, yet questionable political appointments.

Yes, I can see him now, it’s late Sunday night. Arnie is seated behind his stately governor’s desk after signing all his last minute documents sucking on a stogy. His sleeves are rolled up and his tie loosened. Leaning back in his chair, he brings his arms up and locks his hands firmly behind his head and surveys the work he’s done. He’s  feeling rather self important and beaming with overbearing  pride.“Yah, it’s been good to be governator,” I can hear him saying through a cloud of cigar smoke. Smiling a big toothy grin he says “Hasta la Vista Baby, I’ll be back.”   And even as this image of Arnie causes me to laugh, I have to wonder, will he be back?  He’s expressed interest in running for the state senate sometime in the future so who knows?  It could happen!

“Hasta La Vista Baby”

And so it goes, Arnie leaves office the same way he entered, in a storm of controversy.  He isn’t the first governor to make contentious 11th hour mandates and he won’t be the last.  So he commuted some sentences and gave some pardons, big deal!  Hell the outgoing governor of Florida granted Jim Morrison of Doors fame, a pardon for allegedly exposing himself onstage at a Miami concert in 1969. He pardoned him and Jim’s been dead for almost 40 years! Wow!                                                                       So what if Arnie gave a few of his top aides and a few of his political buddies some cushy posts before leaving. So what if three of those good buddies were Republicans who voted against their party and supported the governators tax increases back in 2009.  What’s wrong with making a few well paying appointments?  I’m sure Arnie was just keeping some promises he made along the way. What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you what! Several of those posts he gave out were some of the very same ones he’d tried to cut from the state budget earlier in his term because, as he put it, they were “just a waste of taxpayers money!”

And so what if he cut Fabian Nunez’s 16 year prison sentence for taking part in the killing of a college student ! It wasn’t because Fabian’s daddy was the former Assembly Speaker and a political ally, Hell no! Political partisanship had absolutely nothing to do with his decision! It wasn’t because Nunez is well-connected and well to do. Nah, couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that. I tell you, Arnie did it because Nunez, who admitted taking part in the stabbing, did not deliver the killing blow! Oh yeah! He stabbed him, but the wound Fabian inflicted didn’t kill him. Besides that, he had no prior criminal record and (get this) Arnie believed, that’s right, believed, that the decision was too harsh! His decision  was a merciful one. The governator has a heart.

It’s good to be the Governator!”

So regardless of how we may feel about his last minute antics, there is nothing we can do about it. When all is said and done, he was the governor when he made these decisions. It was his right. He had the power and authority to do it. Just another one of the perks of being the governator!                                                                           Oh yeah, “It’s good to be King!

See you in the movies Arnold!


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