Jack's Back! And Boy is He Pissed!

JackBauerFlagLike millions of other viewers I watched “24” Live Another Day” last night.  It episode 7 or should I say hour 7 of this season’s 12 hour series. The 2014 season is again done in ‘real time’ as was it’s first 8 seasons on Fox. For die-hard “24” fans like myself the announcement of “24’s” return after a 4 year absence was incredible news! I could hardly wait for the new season to begin. The shows two hour premiere had nearly 8 million viewers, quite a feat when you consider that the show been off the air for 4 years and had to compete with not one but two NBA playoff games that night. Only the likes of Jack Bauer could have pulled that off!

Have you been watching the reincarnation of Jack Bauer on Fox? Well, what do you think? Is 2014 series as good as the original? We’ve got the same drama, tension, action, energy and anticipation as the original series, no doubt about that. And yes the great split screen effects,ticking clock are back and references to current political topic and events are included but there is definitely something different about the show and I don’t just mean Chloe’s strange new ‘Goth’ look.

Although I am thoroughly enjoying “24: Live Another Day” It’s just not the same. Oh the games the same but the players have changed particularly Jack Bauer. Jack may be back but he’s definitely not the same anti-terrorism young blood warrior of seasons past. This time around Jack is a changed man, a man alone. Labeled a traitor by his own country and hunted by the Russians,  he’s been in exile for four years doing God knows what. And in that time he’s been tormented not only by his past, but his loneliness as well. He’s grown weary and is very, very pissed off. I know its hard to imagine but he’s much harder now and although he’s always been pretty intense, he’s even more intense. Jack’s always broken the rules when need be for the love of country, but now he has no rules but his own.

I’ve been a “24” fan since day one back in 2001 and in that time I’ve never once felt sorry for Jack Bauer. Oh I’ve felt badly about some of the losses he’s had to cope with but they come with the anti-terrorist territory. Being an agent in the war against terrorism is no easy task and some losses are expected. This time around however, I find myself feeling sorry for Jack. Seeing him in that first hour, after 4 years of exile, dressed in a hoodie and looking so vulnerable and alone, I found myself thinking “is this the same Jack Bauer super agent who has saved our country time and time again?” Poor Jack went from national hero to psychopathic terrorist, its no wonder he looks so downtrodden. Still, even though he’s under intense pressure, when he learns of a possible presidential assassination plot he flies off to London in an attempt to thwart it. like the true patriot he is!

With 5 episodes remaining I can only hope that Jack will find a way to stop the drone strikes on London and save the day and still find a way to deal with the terrorist charges the U.S. has brought against him and figure out a way to settle things with the Russians who want him dead. Quite a few things to resolve in just 5 episodes but Jack has always managed to find a way to settle the score and save lives. This season should be no different. Jack Bauer regardless of what he may be going through will rise to the occasion and save London and the president. He is a true American hero who fights for what he believes is right and is more than willing to give his life for what he believes in. He will do whatever he must, right or wrong, to prevent a national catastrophe, save lives and foil terrorism… Come on! He’s Jack Bauer for Godsake! The closest thing to a real superhero we’ll ever see. Yeah Jack’s back – and he’s good and mad!

Just Saying…


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