"Just What We Need, More Room For Our Stuff"

Believe it or not, after decades, that’s right, decades of procrastination I finally took the plunge and actually got around to cleaning out the garage! What better time than summer vacation! With the assistance of my youngest son and wife we tackled a project that has been building up since 1978 when we first moved in. I can’t believe how much crap there was! We must have taken at least eight van loads to the Goodwill, five loads of books to the  library and at least ten loads of trash to the dumpsters at my school. I still have all our tax receipts dating back to 1985 to shred.

Yeah we got rid of a lot of stuff!  All that’s left up above the garage is a couple of bed frames, head and foot boards, some old JBL speakers, tax receipts for the last seven years, luggage and a shitload of Christmas stuff that still needs to be gone through. Of course now the lower portion of the garage is packed with things, but as soon as my son and his fiance get their own place, and my daughter and son-in-law get their new place, nearly all of it will be gone! Alleluia! So now we just have to wait only God knows how long. So what finally prompted our cleaning frenzy and motivated me to act? Well I was going through some of my old posts one night and happened upon one from last year entitled “A Place for my Stuff.” Reading it was just what I needed to get me started.  Here it is. Enjoy!

A Place For My Stuff”

The New Garage - Day One

Remember moving into your first home?  How excited you were. Your first place!   Remember opening up the front door and  walking through your new home. What an awesome feeling! Then the grand finale!   You walk out into  your new two or three car garage! It probably looked a lot like   this picture. Remember looking around   and thinking,”look at all this wonderful     space for all my stuff!”

"Lived In" Look

Once you move in and begin sorting and arranging your stuff, it doesn’t take long for things to change. You keep your good stuff in the house and bring your other stuff out to garage. It’s then that you begin to realize that maybe your spacious garage is not as large as you first thought! Before you know it your garage begins to take on that “lived in” look.

what my garage looks like today!

Time passes, months become years and your stuff mysteriously begins to multiply. You now have a growing collection of newer stuff,  old stuff, still good stuff and really old stuff you can’t bring yourself to throw away because you never know when some of it might come in handy. Soon you’ve accumulated so damn much stuff that you no longer have a garage, you have a storage unit! If you find yourself in this situation, where every open area is a potential spot for  your stuff, you are not alone. I spent much of the weekend moving my dad out of his mobile home. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff a single senior citizen can accumulate over a seventeen year period! The above picture is just about what my garage looks like after moving his stuff into it. This isn’t counting the stuff that went into his new place! It’s incredible!  I know we have a bunch of junk here already but at least until this weekend I was able to actually park three cars in my garage. It certainly makes me want to go through all of our clutter and begin getting rid of stuff, but my wife is a lot like my dad and doesn’t like to throw things out. We’ve been in our home thirty three years, and we have a large stand up area above our garage that is filled with God know what! There are things up in the garage that have been up there since we moved in and boxes that I have no clue what’s inside. Spring is just around the corner, maybe it’s time for some good old fashion Spring cleaning, and I mean cleaning and throwing stuff out, not just moving it around from one location to the other which is what usually happens. Hopefully this time will be different. So I’m ready to grab my gloves, an extra large trash bin or two and get to it! I know I’m going to to do it someday!   Well someday has finally arrived and not a moment to soon! J S

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