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Let’s talk Television. The new fall season is only four weeks old and already there are casualties. The first new show to get the axe was NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club.’ After only three episodes. The show, based on the first ever Playboy Club established in Chicago in 1961, had an interesting enough storyline but was slow in developing , even with a quick ‘death by bunny ‘ in episode one, it seemed to be slow going.                                                       
The bunnies, a cast of relatively unknown actresses, were flat and under developed. (their characters not their chests) For a show about bunnies viewers weren’t given much in the way of background information to really care about them. Perhaps the appearance of some big name stars would have helped, but probably not.  My wife gave it the thumbs down during episode one. I thought it was okay and was willing to give it a chance. I hate to admit it but by the end of the third episode I knew she was right. Even Hef’s beautiful and bountiful bunnies couldn’t save this one.                                                                                           
NBC also cancelled the sit-com ‘Free Agents’ after only 4 episodes. I know it was another in a long line of workplace comedies with a dash of office romance, but I never saw it. Guess I never will.                                                                                                                                              
Next to get the hook was ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’.  I can’t really comment on the show because I never watched it, never even thought about it. Since its announcement last May, I knew the ‘Angel’s’ wouldn’t fly. What idiot thought to bring this show bamore ck in the first place? From what I was told by the one person I know who actually watched the show is that the Drew Barrymore produced show, sucked big time! I guess he was right. I love Drew Barrymore, but ‘Charlie’s Angels’?  Duh!                                                                                 
ABC has a few more shows hanging on the ropes. Studio execs are keeping a close eye on “Body of Proof” their second season, crime solving medical examiner drama. I’ve seen the show a few times and It has its moments but I don’t think it’s going to make it. Dana Delaney is an attractive M.E. but Quincy has already been done.  Also keep an eye on Pan Am if numbers don’t improve it too may be flying the friendly skies out of here after only one season!                                                                                                                                                
CBS has announced only one cancellation thus far, the comedy series ‘How to be a Gentleman” starring Kevin Dillon of ‘Entourage’ fame has been given the axe. The show just wasn’t cutting it. Too bad, I like Kevin Dillon but this dog of a show was just not the right vehicle for him.  He deserves better.  He needs a show like ‘friends” with a strong ensemble cast. Wait a minute didn’t he just come from a show like that? Huh! The network hasn’t announced an exact end date for the show but the decisions been made. It’s done.
Keep an eye on ‘Two Broke Girls’. I’m sure network execs are! So far the ratings are good, but with a lead in show like ‘Two and a Half Men’ you could show reruns of Gilligan’s Island or just about anything and still get decent ratings. I’ve watched the show three times now, I’m not really sure why, curiosity I guess.                                                                                            
The two lead actresses do have a certain chemistry between them and kinda, sorta remind me of a raunchier version of La Verne and Shirley. Somehow I don’t think it’s enough to keep me watching. The premise is contrived, two women, Kat from Poorsville and Beth from  the Hamptons are thrown together by fate. A stroke of really bad luck has landed Beth broke and penniless in Poorsville with only her horse to remind her of the better days.  The two wind up as roommates and share a dream of starting their very own cupcake business together. They work together as waitresses at diner that is reminiscent of Mel’s Diner, I half expected Alice to come walking out of the kitchen at any moment. The diner is run by Han Lee a short Asian, Danny DeVito type, who wants so badly to be hip and cool, he’ll try anything no matter how ridiculous, he’s the butt of some rather degrading racial humor. In the kitchen is Oleg the seedy, perverted, Russian cook, who has only one thing on his mind and it definitely isn’t cooking. The one bright spot at the diner is cashier Garrett Morris. He’s just as funny today as he was back in his Saturday Night Live days.                                                                                                                                                              
The show is crass and often vulgar. The tasteless jokes about lesbians, sex, and vaginas are over the top! This past Wednesday the ‘wad’ jokes went a bit too far. I realize producers are going for a younger audience but the dirty jokes are a cheap attempt to gain viewers and the canned laugh track is overkill, it does nothing to make the jokes seem funnier. Canning the laugh track woulds definitely be an improvement. As is, the show will most likely be a one season wonder.
                                                                                                                                                      There is no doubt the show has potential but if the network and producers truly want a hit they need to clean things up a bit, tone down the potty mouth humor, reel in the writers or perhaps replace them and come up with some believable yet funny situation for our two waitresses to work through on the way to realizing their dream.
Some critics are comparing ‘Two Broke Girls’ to ‘The Odd Couple’. That kind of comparison is premature. Kat and Beth have quite a ways to go before they are in that kind of company. quite a ways….  
                                                                                                                                                                And what’s up with that horse? And a 90’s Horse party? Come on, Really? I just don’t get it
Just Saying…

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