"Life's a Gamble"

54149e-300x233Over the weekend  I listened to a blues compilation CD I put together a few years ago.  Much to my delight a tune by a friend’s band, ‘The Pork Chop Tom Blues Band’ began to play. The song’s called “Life’s a Gamble” and has been a favorite of mine since I first heard them perform it live about ten years ago. I like it because it sort of sums up the life experience, at least my experience.

Just when I think I’m having some luck,                                                                                       there comes that bottle to F#*@ it all up,                                                                                     My life’s a gamble, Yeah, my life’s a gamble….                                                                                It’s a crap shoot baby, I’m gambling all the damn time.

Now I ask you, doesn’t that sum up the way life can sometimes go? Of course it isn’t always the ‘bottle’ that jacks things up, the ‘bottle’ can be any number of bad habits or vices that can screw things up, alcohol, drugs, gambling, jealousy, envy, laziness, porn, lust, pride, oh the list is a long one. Sometimes though it’s non of the above, and life simply seems to be messing with us. Through no fault of our own things just go wrong. Yes, sometimes, it happens because we were wasted or because of drinking, gambling, greed, womanizing, dishonesty etc.”  But sometimes there is simply no rhyme or reason. Call it what you like, being a victim of circumstance, bad luck, whatever, but we just have to learn to accept that sometimes shit just happens.

When I was young I used to imagine God as the grand puppet master, pulling all the strings, toying with our lives, throwing obstacles in our paths from time to time just for the hell of it. Yeah I pictured Him looking rather Christlike with a beard and long hair, sporting a big grin on His face, laughing at us from above. Hey, you never know, being God might get boring at times. Sometimes when you’re down it kinda feels like God is laughing at you.

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, batting a thousand in the game of life, sailing along, riding the wave, life is good always is when we’re on top. Then BLAM! out of the blue life throws us a curve we don’t see coming and down we go. So now what? Do we bounce back quickly or are we down for the count? Do we wallow in the mire feeling sorry for ourselves, licking our wounds, and wasting precious time trying to over analyze the situation and looking for someone or something to blame or do we do all in our power to rebound quickly?  That my friends is up to each of us.  It’s how we respond that really matters.The longer we stay down the harder it is to get back up.

No matter what the”bottle” may be that comes along to jack things up or what circumstance may cause us to fall, we can’t waste time moaning and groaning about it, there’s no time for “why me’s?” or “it isn’t fair” self pity. Life’s too short to waste time on self pity. No matter what the trouble may be, it’s not the end of the world! Believe me, things could always be worse. It’s up to us to pull it all together and comeback strong. We can do it!

Life’s a gamble, each day a risk. There’s no way to know what tomorrow may holds for us. But everything we encounter, good and bad are all a part of the life experience. It’s all part of the journey, part of the trip!  Sometimes the road is smooth as silk and at other times it full of ruts, potholes and an occasional speed bump or two! Get used to it. There is no laughing God pulling your strings, so cast those bottles away and get on with living. If a problem comes along, well, deal with it!

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