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dream-dare-dare-to-dream-dreamer-Favim.com-488340_largeI’m a dreamer are you? I love to dream. Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not talking about dreams as in “hopes and dreams” like “it’s always been my dream to accomplish this, that, or the other.” No, the dreams I’m referring to are those sweet little mind trips we are allowed to take each and every night of our lives. Those short little journeys into the land of nowhere yet everywhere. In our dream state it seems that nearly anything is possible, even flying! Ever had a flying dream? I’ve had a recurring dream in which I am sail through the skies not like some caped crusader or super hero but more like Peter Pan. I probably have it a couple of times a year. Yeah it’s a real sweet dream.

I’d like to be able to remember my dreams and try to  understand what they mean if anything, but unfortunately I rarely remember them in their entirety and can recall only fragments. A few times in my life I actually kept a dream log. I would set the alarm to wake me during my REM mode a couple of times a night then jot down a quick sentence or two about the dream so I could recall it in the morning. It was pretty interesting but I really didn’t learn anything from them. What’s cool about dreams is that they are ours alone created by our subconscious mind. Who we are and what we experience in our daily lives is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Have you ever been in the midst of an extraordinary dream, a dream so real and so perfect in detail that you don’t want it to end? One of those dreams that give you  a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment. I had just such a dream this morning. Odd but some of my most memorable dreams occur in those long moments just before waking. Sometimes those moments that separate the sleep/dream state and consciousness seem to last for quite awhile. In some cases, like this morning, there was a point in the dream where I  actually became aware that I was in fact dreaming. It’s an odd sensation to suddenly put it all together and realize you’re in a dream. I’m not really sure how I knew exactly, it just happened. It was like some inner stirring or sixth sense, I just knew. Once I knew I expecting to wake up quickly, but the dream went on and on for what seemed like quite a long time. With dreams it’s hard to tell, it could have actually been several minutes or simply a matter of seconds.

If you have ever had the experience then you know how strange the sensation is to suddenly realize you are in a dream. Once it occurs you move from active participant to  observer. It’s as though you move outside the dream and are watching it unfold like a movie. It is very strange indeed. As I mentioned before when this occurs I am usually on the verge of awakening and am aware of the subtle sounds of the real world around me, the rustling of the sheet, the dogs paws as he moves across the hard wood floor even my own breathing. Although they are distant sounds I’m aware of them and know they are reality. Naturally I  try to ward them off as best I can, fighting to remain in the dream state for as long as possible but in the end the dream begins to fade and is eventually swallowed up by the real world. Once that happens there’s no going back and your day begins. Good morning!

Of course I spent much of my day contemplating my dream. What I could recall made me smile at times, but in reality it wasn’t so much the fragmented details of the dream that made me smile, but more the way the dream made me feel. It gave me this warm, fuzzy feeling all day long. It was awesome! Yeah a really sweet dream. So what did I dream about that got to me so? Well I’d really like to tell you, but can’t. Just in the off chance that dreams can come true, I best keep it to myself, like those secret birthday wishes we all make before blowing out the candles on our birthday cakes or when wishing on a shooting star, it may not come true if I tell you about it. Sorry  I just can’t risk it.  Sweet Dreams…

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