"Mitt the Twit: He's A Real Nowhere Man!"

Mitt suffers from "Foot in Mouth Disease"

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has done it again! Seems like every time we open a newspaper or turn on the TV we hear about yet another blunder he’s made. His latest overseas tour has been no better. Its been a disaster! Hasn’t Mitt the Twit ever heard the phrase “think before you speak”? Doesn’t he know what “hold your tongue” or better yet “bite your tongue” means? Doesn’t Mitty realize that sometimes saying nothing is a much better response than saying something that’s completely asinine! My God! Does this guy know anything at all? He’s got people around the world scratching their heads and wondering how this inarticulate twit is the leading Republican candidate. They must think that in America just about any idiot can run for president and you know what? They’re right!


Mitt the Twit has no business running for president. He has no answers for our countries woes, he only thinks he does and wants us to believe that he does. He wants us to believe ‘s that he’s all about today’s political climate and in touch with the heartbeat of America. Supposedly he and he alone knows what Americans want, what we need. Yeah and if you believe that, we’re in real trouble. He says one thing and means another. He changed his stance so often that critics have taken to calling him the Empty Suit, Flip-Flop Mitt, Flip-Flopney, and my favorite ‘Flipper.’

The truth of the matter is Romney don’t know shit! Okay, okay, some of you may think that Obama may not know anything either, but at least the O-Man is much more eloquent in his presentation. I tell you, Americans will be no better off with Romney at the helm than we are now. Mitt is  nothing more than an arrogant, pretentious bore. His ignorance on foreign and domestic policy is overshadowed only by his colossal ego! Besides the O-Man can at least carry a tune. Have you heard Mitt singing “America the Beautiful’ in that campaign commercial? He’s God awful!

Mitts comments overseas this past week only prove how little he knows about foreign policy and diplomacy. He offended just about everyone he came in contact with. In England he revealed his expertise on the Olympics and insulted Britain when he stated that there were indications that London was not prepared to host the Olympic games. What the hell? Is that anyway to begin your visit to the host country? And on the eve of the Olympics no less! What happened to courtesy, sensitivity and diplomacy? It’s pretty obvious Mitt has no class. It’s all about Mitt.

In Israel he did no better. He basically endorsed Obama’s pro-Israel policies and tried to make them his own, playing heavily to Jewish voters at home especially when he made the point of referring to  Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. Granted, he was vague when asked pointed questions but managed to hang in there. Just when it looked like he might actually come out of Israel unscathed, his foot again found his mouth when he made what was taken as a racist statement when he said that culture was the main reason why Israel was prosperous while the occupied territories under control of the Palestinian Authority were not. He casually suggested that Palestinians are mired in poverty because of their cultural inferiority to Israel and the hand of providence, outraging Palestinians and again revealing just how ignorant he really is. Great way to close Mitt!

Yes ‘Romnuts’ as David Letterman is fond of calling him is quite the statesman. Not! But at least with Mitt what you see is what you get. There are several things he’s said since becoming a presidential candidate, things that make you scratch your head and wonder who the hell this guy is and why he’s running, but two statements stand out in a sea of commentary. I don’t remember the context but I definitely remember the statements. The first  “I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.”                                                                                                               and the second  “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”


Gotta love these remarks! Yes ‘Mitt the Twit’ said really made them! They make perfect sense in a Sarah Palin kind of way don’t they? All I can say is Mitt better learn to bite his tongue now and again. He’ll make a much better impression on the voters if he can keep his foot out of his mouth and his head out of his ass!

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