"Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day: The Waiting Game"

“…Just another manic Monday…”   The Bangles

“…Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way…”  Mamas & Papas

“… Rainy days and Mondays always get me down …”  The Carpenters

I don’t particularly like Mondays as it is, but when you have to spend the entire day at the hospital waiting and wondering, its even worse. We went to the hospital Monday morning expecting to take my dad home sometime in the early afternoon because that’s what we’d been told the night before. When we walked into his room he was sitting up and looked really good. He told us he was ready to go home! Not long after we arrived a tech came into my dad’s room wheeling a large ultrasound machine to examine his heart and carotid arteries. He told us the tests would take about 45 minutes, so we went to the cafeteria to begin the waiting game.

"The Waiting is the Hardest Part"

It’s tough sitting there not knowing, worried about what they may find. At least we were in the cafeteria and not the ‘waiting room’. Hospital waiting rooms suck! I hate them. They are so damn uncomfortable, the aura and ambiance is unsettling, you can feel the nervous energy coursing through the room. People in hospital waiting rooms are not there by choice, they’ve been thrown together by fate with one thing in common, all of them are waiting for news about their loved ones, just like us. At least in a cafeteria full of employees enjoying their lunch we weren’t surrounded by fear and apprehension.

An hour later my wife went back to the room to check progress and learned that the machine had malfunctioned near the end of the test so they would have to be done all over again. They were just waiting for another machine to be brought down. More waiting. An hour and a half later the tests still weren’t complete. Even more waiting. By the time tests were completed, the 45 minute tests wound up taking three hours! The tech was very apologetic and he seemed sincere. I’m sure the delays put him way behind schedule, but three hours? Please! Once he was gone we settled in with my dad to wait for the doctor.

We finally saw the doctor a little after five. She said she was still waiting to see the results of the ultrasound. If they were okay he’d be on his way home, if not we’d have to decide our next plan of action. She also said that if she hadn’t gotten the results by 6pm he’d be staying another night. We waited until 6:30pm. Failing to hear anything Ray and I said our good nights. My sister stayed awhile longer.

My dad looked bummed. He had wanted so much to be released and go home. He’d been told several times that he might, but that wasn’t to be. He was staying another night. Another night to play the waiting game. Waiting and wondering where all of this was going. But hey, we’d rather be safe than sorry. We should know more in the morning. I tell you Tom Petty was definitely right, ‘the waiting is the hardest part.’

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