"Movie Magic"

I went to the movies this past weekend to see ‘Total Recall’. First time I’ve gone since the theater massacre in Aurora. I have to tell you it felt strange. The shooting in Aurora certainly freaked me out. To me a theater is a very special place, church-like, where we go to pay homage to the fine art of film making. Theaters are a sanctuary, a peaceful refuge where, for a least a few hours, one can step away from the battle of everyday, leave their troubles outside and escape into the magical world of film. There is nothing quite like it. Not even a home equipped with the finest 70 or 80 inch flat screen and a first class sound system can take the place of a movie theater. There is no comparison.

Going to a movie is an event of spectacular proportion. At least it was until Aurora. What that madman did in that theater was nefarious! Something only a monster could conceive of. Not only did he kill and injure moviegoers, he destroyed the movie going experience for the rest of us. He took the magic out of movie going and replaced it with fear. But the public  is quite resilient and though there are some who may never go back to the theater again, the majority have already returned. 

As I entered the theater Saturday morning I can’t deny feeling some trepidation, but I was determined to overcome my fears and enjoy a movie. As I walked through the lobby I couldn’t help but notice the lack of any type of security. The staff was nothing more than a bunch of teens! But then that’s the way it’s always been. Once in the theater I found a seat in the last row, not out of fear but because I always sit in the last three rows. I have to admit I felt a bit uncomfortable when the house lights went down. I kept thinking about the shooting and surveying the theater and realized how easy it must have been for that joker. The audience were sitting ducks. 

By the time all the previews had run, and there were a bunch, I was beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Ten minutes into the movie I was right at home, caught up in the spectacle and wonder of the movie, no fear, captivated by the action on the big screen. I have to tell you it felt pretty good. I will never forget what happened in that Aurora theater, I’ll think about it every time I go to the movies and I’ll remember those 12 people who died that night doing something they loved doing, the same thing I love doing, watching a spectacular movie on the big screen. It’s magic…

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