"Murphy's Law: Beer Run Gone Bad!"

"The Three Covina Stooges" "Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest"

All they wanted was to get hold of some brewskis, catch a beer buzz and have a little fun, maybe hang out at the park or head over to the mall  and check out the ladies. Just another day in the life. Instead, three 19 year old Covina boys wound up in jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and resisting arrest. Not exactly the kind of day they’d planned on.

These three stooges began their afternoon with a simple plan of making a beer run. Now when I was 19 making a beer run meant going to the nearest liquor store hanging around outside until we saw someone going in that looked cool, then asking them to buy some beer for us, the key word here being ‘buy.’ Sometimes it took awhile but we always managed to score. Apparently today making a beer run means going into a store, picking up some beer and making a made dash out of the store without paying for it.

In a classic example of Murphy’s Law in action: Everything that could go wrong did go wrong! These clowns couldn’t get anything right! First they try and steal two 30 packs of beer from a local market. Two went into the store while one waited in the car, the designated  getaway driver. While in the store the two discussed which brand of beer to steal and behaved suspiciously enough to draw the attention of store employees.  They finally decided on Tecate, picked up a 30 pack each and bolted for the door.

Employees were quickly in hot pursuit, causing one of the boys to drop his beer while still in the store. He made it outside but was quickly apprehended and detained until the police arrived. The other boy made it to the car, tossed the beer in the back seat and jumped in. If things weren’t bad enough already it soon got worse, a lot worse!  As they were making their getaway, a store employed ran out in front of them and jump up on the hood of the car to avoid being hit, disrupting the driver enough that he soon crashed the car into the side of a  Del Taco drive thru , causing the employee to be thrown from the hood. Both boys then jumped out of the car and ran.

It get’s even worse! I tell you, this was Murphy’s Law working overtime! One of the boys who ran left his wallet in the car which led police to his identity ! They called him later and convinced him to turn himself in. The other boy hightailed it into a nearby car wash. And when I say ‘into’ I mean into the actual car was tunnel behind two car that were being washed! He was sprayed, soaked, soaped, brushed, rolled, rinsed and blown! I’m not sure if he got a wax or not, but when he emerged on the other side Covina police were there waiting to arrest him! The three were booked and held on $50,000. bail each.

Sounds too incredible to believe doesn’t it? What are the odds? Just goes to show you, Sometimes real life is just stranger, or as in this case funnier, than fiction!

And what about the mug on that kid in the middle? If I looked like that I’d be drinking too!


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