NBC Execs Monkey Around With the Olympics!"

NBC Olympic Coverage

Network TV blew it again! But then what else is new? Channel 4’s coverage of the closing ceremonies of the London Olympic Games sucked!  Those NBC (Never Been Crappier) Network executives had a golden opportunity to wow viewers by offering upmore live coverage of the games, but chose instead to run tape delayed footage during prime time to boost their ratings.

Then they proceeded to butcher the closing ceremonies, which was to include performances by The Who and Ray Davies of the Kinks, by choosing to cut them from Sunday’s program!  In their place network nitwits ran  a commercial free, preview episode of their new comedy series “Animal Practice” staring their newest star, Crystal the monkey. Believe me NBC the monkey ain’t the answer! That only works for the Angels! Then NBC  replayed the Who’s recorded performance around midnight! What kind of monkey business is that? I guess when you’re as desperate for viewers for the upcoming fall season as NBC, you’ll stop at nothing to get them. Besides when you have a massive, captive Olympic audience of over 30 million viewers like Sunday nights, Why not?

For 17 days NBC was king! They ruled the roost! They were number one again like back in their glory days, what a proud little peacock! I bet they’d almost forgotten what that felt like. Yeah they’ve enjoyed some phenomenal numbers. Something in the neighborhood 220 million people tuned in to watch at least a part of the Olympic Games. It may wind up being the most watched TV event ever! Of course Neilsen, the company who does the ratings, counts anyone who watched as little as 6 minutes of the telecast as viewers. Talk about padding the numbers!

Even after managing  to piss off a whole lot of viewers with their controversial, yet effective shenanigans Sunday night, and receiving a flood of complaints,  they still came out on top as I’m sure they knew they would. I only wish network execs would have chosen to show more live coverage during the day. I was still off work for most of the Olympics and would have enjoyed watching some live coverage during the day. But we all know its all about the ratings. They best enjoy it while they can, the new fall season is only a few weeks away then it’s back to the bottom of the heap for the proud little peacock.

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