"Did your favorite shows get the Axe?"

It that time again when we find out what TV shows made the cut and will be returning in the fall. Network executives have pulled out the chopping block s and are cutting away at this seasons programming to make room for next fall’s new line up. Gone are several new shows, a few good shows, some old & tired shows, and some that should have never been on the air in the first place.

KCBS 2 is still the network with the most solid line up and has the most shows returning in the fall, many of which I enjoy watching. Both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles will be back, as will the CSI trio, Las Vegas, NY & Miami. Other returning shows include Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife and The Mentalist. Gone are the newbies “$#*! My Dad Says” which was okay the first few episodes but then the novelty wore off and it quickly turned to $#*!. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is also gone, no great loss there. It was a little too serious for its own good. Although I enjoyed seeing stand up comic Janeane Garofalo in a dramatic role.

The real loss is The Defenders. Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell were a great team. CBS should have left the show in its original time slot and given it a chance to get some legs. They should have never moved it to Friday nights. It’s a shame that with the strength of their line up they can’t give the show another season. There’s an audience out there, CBS just needs the right night and the right lead in.

Then there’s KNBC 4 who continues it’s plunge. The Sing Off, Biggest Loser and Parenthood will return as will 30 Rock and The Voice but those two will return at mid season. Surprisingly Harry’s Law made the cut and will return for a second season, not sure why? Must be Kathy Bates. I watched the show twice and couldn’t get into it. Sadly After 10 seasons Law & Order Criminal Intent is gone. Hate to see it go. And Law & Order LA is gone after only one season, but that’s no surprise it never had the flair or drama of the rest of the Law and Order franchise, leaving Law & Order SVU as next season’s sole survivor. Not sure how good it’ll be though with less Mariska though, she’s asked for a lighter schedule for next season. Too bad, she will be missed, especially by me! NBC also cancelled The Cape, Chase and Outlaw, but they never really had a chance. The Cape needed a stronger lead actor and was way too cartoonish. Chase was okay but boring, and Outlaw was simple too unbelievable. Come on, a Supreme Court Justice with a shady past steps down and becomes a defense attorney for the people? Like that would ever happen. I don’t think so. I watched all three a couple of times but there was nothing to make me want to watch them again, no substance.

Now The Event is another story. I truly believe NBC jumped the gun on giving this show the axe. Given another season I believe it would have built a strong audience and developed into a pretty good series, but network officials thought otherwise. I was finally beginning to like Jason Ritter’s unlikely hero character too. Oh well, now we’ll never know if Sophia’s people will all make it through the portal and take over the earth thus triggering the event! Or will we? There are industry rumors afloat that The Event may be picked up by another network for next season. I certainly hope so. Here’s the one you’ve been looking for SyFy.

Then there’s Channel 7 (loser) who gave us nothing of real substance this season. Dancing With The Stars is their truly big hit and it’s back. Also coming back are Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Body of Proof. I’m not sure how the last two made the list, both shows are pretty mediocre. Housewives and Grey’s are getting old but still have a following. Even the dumpy Cougar Town will be coming back at mid season. Speaking of getting old, Brothers and Sisters is gone, but after 5 long seasons Sally and her clan just ran out of crisis situations.  What was to have been 7’s surprise hit My Generation was cancelled after only 2 episodes. No Ordinary Family was a joke, a family with super powers, yeah okay, understandably it’s gone. ‘V’ is also done, but at least we’ve seen that series before so we know how it ends. Detroit 187 was also cancelled. The show showed some signs of life, but not enough to earn it another season.

KTTV/FOX 11 is bringing back American Idol, Glee, House and Bones, but cancelled Lie to Me and Human Target, a wise move. Both show have worn out their novelty and were getting pretty tired. 11’s big mistake was cancelling the first year police series Chicago Code. Apparently they don’t realize they have the makings of a real hit on their hands. Maybe not a ‘24′ but at least as strong as ‘Prison Break’.

So there you have it. Networks have indeed made plenty of room for new shows this fall. We can only hope they will bring us something of substance that will be around for awhile. Yeah, like that’s going to happen! I’m tired of wasting my time getting into a series only to have it cancelled after only one season or less. I hate not knowing where a show would have taken us and how it would have ended.

That’s what is so sweet about the way the series Life On Mars ended a few years ago. LOM was a rare treat, a sci-fi crime drama about a detective in 2008 who is struck by a car and regains consciousness in 1973. The show earned critical praise for its premise, acting, and depiction of the 1970s but it never gained the audience ABC was looking for. The producers were told of the shows cancellation in early March giving them plenty of time to write a final episode that tied up all the loose ends and provided closure to the show. It was a great ending to what I thought was an awesome show. KABC should have given LOM another season, but they were too busy creating big hit shows like Eastwick and The Forgotten for the following season. Eastwick was cancelled in early November and Forgotten was forgotten after one season. Should have given LOM another season at least , just a thought.

Who are these Network knucleheads who enjoy pulling the plug on shows so quickly. They call them programming directors, but as far as I can tell, they don’t know $#*!

just saying…


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