"No Place Like Home"

Well it took awhile but it’s finally happened. We are officially childless! No that doesn’t sound right, we’re without child! No, not right either. Let’s see, how about we have no more children living at home! That’s right, our youngest son has cut the apron strings and moved out of the house! On October 16th after being with us for 24 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 5 days,(but whose counting) he’s flown the coup! Along with him went his fiance whose been staying with us for several years and their two dogs! Although I love my son and fiance dearly and will surely miss having them around, I really can’t say I’m sad to see them go. It was time, their time. I’m happy they have found a place of their own and will have the opportunity to convert their new found house into a warm and cozy home of their own.

They began their house search early last February. We thought for sure they’d find something and be moved out by summer, but every house they tried to buy, and there were several, were picked up by cash buyers or investors, or became objects of bidding wars that drove the purchase price beyond their comfort zone. Then in September they found a small house in La Verne, made an offer that was accepted and began escrow. Although they worried that something was going to come along and derail the purchase, nothing ever did. On October 16 the house became theirs and away they went!  

Although they’re only moving a few miles away I know I will miss not having them around all the time. Bianca simply for her presence, for the help she gave my wife around the house, and the great gourmet meals she occasionally prepared for us, delicious! I will also miss her quick wit and our ongoing sparring matches, yeah she could take my shit and dish it out equally as well. I know we’ll still have that give and take relationship, but it will be different somehow. And Alan who has at times been the voice of reason around here, who has always had a way of keeping it real and provided some often needed comic relief, yeah gonna miss that daily patter. He’s definitely one of the good ones.

Now that he’s gone looks like I’m also losing our official trash emptier and trash can taker outer. He’s done it for like the past 14 years. He was also my unofficial gardener. Yeah he and his older brother took care of the yard together, then when John M moved out Alan  took over. “Looks like you’re gonna have to hire a gardener,” he told me a few days before moving. And I have, Me! Yep, I’ the new, old gardener and weekly trash guy! Lucky me! I tried to talk him into stopping by on Mondays to empty and take out the trash, then again on Tuesdays to bring the cans in, but he just laughed and continued laughing when I asked about coming over to help me with the lawn. Hell I didn’t even get a farewell mowing! But t he’s a homeowner now and has a pretty good sized yard to take care of himself. I’ll get it done somehow. Maybe one day the little woman will let me get a real gardener. Yeah right!

Welcome to the real world son, glad you found a house. If your anything like your sister you’ll make the place your own and live there for a lot of years. But if you’re more like your brother, who I fondly call the ‘land baron’ who recently bought and moved into a new home, and now owns three, who knows? this house might just be the first of many! I hope you and Bee do great things with your new home and live happily ever after. We’re proud of you son, just as we’re proud of your brother and sister as well. You’ve all done good!

I will never forget the conversation we had on the phone the second night you were in your new house. You called to tell me you’d be be home soon to pick up a few more things and I said “What?”  “I’ll be home in a few minutes to get a few things?” “What?” I said again. “Geez, I’ll be home soon!”Laughing I said, “Think about what you just said.” “Huh, what do you mean?”  “Son” I said quietly, “You are home.” You were quiet for a few moments then said, “Wow, I’ll have to get used to that!”  And you will. Remember, “there’s no place like home!” Congratulations!


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