"Now I've Heard It All"

Did you hear the one about the university professor who allowed his students to view a live sex demonstration as part of a class assignment? Well here’s the punchline, it’s no joke! That’s right, it happened last month at Northwestern University one of the top research campuses in the nation.

More than 100 of the 600 students enrolled in the popular Human Sexuality class attended the optional, after class graphic, demo which featured four members of Chicago’s fetish community discussing and describing a variety of kinky sex acts and displayed a number of sex toys, in relation to the female orgasm. The demo also include the actual penetration of a naked woman by her fiance with a sex toy, to prove to the class that female orgasm is real. Man! I took a human Sexuality class in college  and it was nothing like this! And my college professed a “hands on” approach to learning!

Well, I’m no prude and consider myself to be pretty open-minded, but this is beyond my scope of acceptance . The fact that 500 students opted to not attend the demo seems to suggests that they may have felt the same way, or perhaps they were simply not interested. Still  the question remains, should things like this be allowed to occur on college campuses, even if they are intended to teach? I mean, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “instructional aids and visual aids.”

During the demonstration one of the speakers remarked to the students, “this is going to be the best money your parents have ever spent on your education.” Really? I mean is this what parents are paying the high cost of tuition for? I think not. I’m all for the the college experience,” but this particular experience, optional or not, has no place on campus. Talking about bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) and showing the tools and toys associated with  it is one thing, but to actually stage a live demonstration, particularly on a college campus, is going too far and crosses the lines of acceptability.

An investigation is currently underway. It will be interesting to see what conclusions university officials arrive at and what action if any will be taken. Of course the professor was quick to defend his actions as being totally relevant to topics covered in his course and also reiterated that the demo was completely voluntary and that all of his students are over 18, can vote and can legally purchase pornographic materials. But does that make it okay? No way! Couldn’t he have kept it to a simple lecture and instructed them on where they could go if they wanted to find out more?

As a teacher I truly believe that with certain subjects or issues, a relevant demonstration can be an incredibly insightful teaching aid, but I have to draw the line at a live demo for BDSM, female orgasms or any other form of sexual activity. Besides I’m quite sure there’s enough sex on campus already…

Just a thought…

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