"OBAMA NATION 2! Barack is Back!"

Barack is Back!

It’s official, Barack Obama has been re-elected to a second term in office. Like it or not, he has succeeded in defeating Mitt Romney in his bid for the presidency and will remain the commander-in-chief of our great nation for four more years. Obama has been given new life and a chance to find a way to finish what he’s started. I truly hope he does. Only time will tell what he will be able to accomplish in his second term,  but it’s obvious with a Republican run Congress that only a bipartisan approach will work in dealing with the nation’s woes.

I never imagined that the race would be decided so early, I don’t think anyone did. Most thought it was going to be a knock down, drag out fight to the finish that would be too close to call and could possibly drag on for days or even weeks, much like the election of 2000. Instead by 8:00 pm the outcome was quite clear. Obama had more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win and was being declared the winner by every major broadcast network. By 11 pm Romney had given his concession speech and Obama his victory speech. The election was in effect over.                                 

Although Obama was victorious the results clearly show a nation divided. Rich Americans voted for Romney, while poorer Americans supported Obama. Remaining voters were clearly divided by gender, age, race and religion. Romney overwhelmingly won the white vote earning 60% of the vote to Obama’s 38%. He also won among those voters who oppose gay marriage and abortion, and favor mass deportation of illegal aliens. Obviously not enough voters to get him to the White House. Unfortunately for him, he gave little more than lip service to the Hispanic and Black community of voters, and did little to gain their support although minorities make up 37% of the population Obama, on the other hand, courted them and won their votes. Apparently Mitt doesn’t understand the changing demographics of the country. and tried to run a white, “good old boy” campaign, a strategy that didn’t fare well with minorities. Yeah, Mitt really screwed up. He was without a doubt not the white, I mean right man to represent the Republican Party. On second thought, maybe he was!

With the election behind us, the time has come for the President and Democratic Party to move forward and work to bridge the great divide that is America. The time has come for Democrats and Republicans to put party ideology aside and work side by side in the spirit of  compromise and bipartisanship, seeking solutions and endorsing policies that will help will redefine America and restore her to her former glory, an America of the people, by the people, for the people.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if for the next four years Republicans and Democrats could put aside their differences and get some good things done for all Americans. Yeah, we could have a blending of political party ideology in which Congress and the Senate would be made up of  Republicrat’s working together for the common good. Sure, when pigs fly!

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