"Oh Brother"

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” Thomas Aquinas


I need to talk about my younger brother.  My brother doesn’t work and hasn’t held a real job in quite sometime. Through the years he’s had some very promising jobs but either quit or was fired for a variety of reasons. Except for a two year stint in a rehab facility, he’s been living in my dad’s mobile home since 1995, and has shamelessly attached himself to my dad’s pocketbook.

Yeah, he’s a real class act, a 49 year old welfare collecting, food stamp using, vodka consuming low life drunken bum. The really sad thing is he’s not without talent. As a teen he displayed genuine artistic abilities, his drawings were incredible. Later he exhibited that same creativity as a floral designer. With his talent he could have done so much, maybe even owned his own flower shop, he could have been a contender. Instead he squandered it all away, abandoned his God given talents and dedicated his life to the bottle. What a waste.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into a family friend a few months ago who began singing my brothers praises. It seems he had seen my brother at a local Walmart and my brother had the audacity to tell him that he was living with my father because he was dad’s care giver, seems no one else in the family was willing to care for him, so he stepped in and  was my dad’s sole provider.  I nearly choked on gum! My brother providing care for my dad?  It’s the other way around! Has been forever!  Hell, he can’t even care for himself without my dad’s credit card and if my dad didn’t let him live with him, he’d be living on the streets! Incredible! After setting my friend straight I called my dad to share the news that he was under my brother’s care. He didn’t find it very funny either.

My brother has always been a notorious liar. I can remember a time years ago, when my brother had told three family friends all a different story as to what he was up to. I happened to run into one of them who approach ed me to say hello and then proceeded to ask me how my brother, the manager at B of A was doing! I found out later that he had told the others that he was a sales manager and the manager of a finance company! What a bullshit artist! When I confronted my brother and asked him what he would do if he ran into all three of them at a party or something, and couldn’t remember what he had said  to whom? He said it was no big deal, shrugged and blew me off. A typical Ted response.

Yesterday my brother was drunk again and became quite belligerent. Seems he wanted my dad’s 45 so he could go next door and threaten the neighbor who he’d had words with earlier. My dad told him he’d sold the gun, my brother called him a liar, angrily grabbed a knife and headed for the door. Somehow my 87 year old dad disarmed him and called the police. My brother, shocked that my dad had called, grabbed his jacket and ran out of the house. When the police arrived they looked for him but he was nowhere to be found. Today he told my dad he didn’t remember anything that happened. How convenient.

My brother is out of CONTROL!   He needs help.  Over the past six months he’s totaled his car, (purchased from my dad but never completely paid for), been beaten up on two separate occasions, arrested for DUI, robbed of his welfare money and food stamps by a young lady, is hanging out with known gang members, been picked up by the Covina police and  spent the night in jail for drunk in public  on a few occasions. Yeah he’s living quite the life…

He’s got the anti – Midas touch, everything he touches turns to shit.  He has no pride or self-respect left and he’s dragging my dad down with him. They say misery loves company and my brother is definitely miserable…

The Mobile Home Park Management do not want my brother living with my dad and have threatened to evict my dad if my brother stays. This happened once before and my brother actually moved out and got himself into a program for two years. But he won’t leave this time and my dad can’t find it in his heart to throw him out. He feels sorry for him. And of course my jobless brother has the solution “It’s okay dad, he says, if they evict us we can get an apartment together, I’ll pay half the rent.” With what!  Unbelievable! What an ass!

And now my brother wants to buy a car! He totaled the last one, has no license, but he wants a car! And he has a plan. He told my dad he could sell his(my bro’s) plot at Oakdale Cemetery  and he would buy a car with the proceeds. He said he wants to be cremated anyway and doesn’t need the plot. Hello! My dad paid for my brother’s plot because he couldn’t make the payments! The only way it will belong to my bro is when he’s buried in it. God he’s got a lot of nerve…

I try to tell Dad he’s not doing Ted any favors but my dad, although fed up, doesn’t know what to do. It’s pretty sad when you’ve got to program the Covina Police into your dad’s speed dial, just in case. I know he’s more willing to call the police now and has even asked his neighbor to call if he hears or sees my brother acting up. I think he’s hoping my brother will get arrested and thrown into jail or put into a program so maybe he can get the help he needs. He’s still got 60 days of assigned service to complete for his DUI., thirty in Irwindale and thirty in downtown Los Angeles, time is running out and he hasn’t even started. Typical. He wants my dad to get up at 6AM and drive him so he can get it done. I don’t think so… If he doesn’t complete it maybe my dad will get his wish.

At 87 my dad doesn’t deserve this crap, he should be enjoying his golden years, instead of having to put up with my brother’s BS.   My brother has let everyone around him down more times than I can remember. It’s time for him to man up, grow a set and do what needs to be done, and let dad enjoy the rest of his life…

Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest…

Thanks for listening




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