"Oh What a Feeling" Reply Wednesday, December 23, 2010

My daughter sent me this comment to yesterday’s “Oh What a Feeling” post and I felt compelled to share it.

“One of my favorite quotes I read somewhere in my mid twenties was, “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.” I LOVED this and etched it in the forefront of my mind–I refuse to let my successes outside these 4 walls define who I am. What I do in my home as a wife and mother is what is most important. . .”

Well said Janene, what you accomplish as a wife and mother is what’s most important, however If you’re truly happy with who you are and what you do within  the confines of the home you’ve built for you and your family, that happiness can not be contained and will spill out and shine beyond those four walls.The contentment you feel will define who you are and become a contributing factor to your overall success both in and outside your home.

I suppose it’s possible for us to be extremely happy with our lives at home but miserable elsewhere like work for instance, and it is possible to make it through a boring or less than fulfilling job each and everyday because of what we know is waiting for us at home, but is that true happiness? I sincerely believe that true happiness knows no bounds, when we find true happiness it will be with us wherever we go and be reflected in whatever we do. for that reason I believe the line you quoted would be more meaningful if you simply dropped the words “at home.”

The quest for happiness and true contentment is an arduous journey, not everyone who seeks happiness actually find it because they look for it in all the wrong places. Some seek it through money, fame or status. Others surround themselves with materialistic possessions hoping they will bring them the happiness they long for, but ultimately most are sorely disappointed. We all know someone who has set out on this path, acquired wealth and possessions and is still unhappy. The big house on the hill, fancy car or huge bank account mean nothing if you aren’t happy. Wealth can’t buy you true, heartfelt joy or contentment.

I have long believed that happiness is the key to life. In my freshman year in high school my English teacher once asked us to write about what we wanted most out of life. While others began writing about money, marriage and a variety of careers, I sat there thinking about what I really wanted from life, dare I print it? for even then I knew that all I truly wanted from life was to be happy, and that’s what I wrote about.

My quest for happiness has been a long one. My search has taken me down many roads, some paved, some rutted. I’ve chased dreams, been bound by materialism

and came up empty every time. I’ve quit and begun my search again so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve despaired, sought solace through drugs, alcohol and religion, and resigned myself to failure time after time. True happiness just wasn’t to be found. It wasn’t until I began to search within myself that the ever elusive spirit of happiness began to reveal itself. It took a hell of a long time but after much soul searching and some bitter and painful struggles with a host of demons from my past, Happiness began to fill my emptiness!  The experience was life-changing!  I was finally able to come to terms with myself, sort my priorities and move forward, a much happier and content individual.

If happiness is what’s missing in your life, If you long to be content, if you ache to be fulfilled, don’t get sidetracked and waste your time searching for happiness in the world of man, begin your quest by looking within. It will be worth it!

“Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you shall find; Knock and the door will be opened to you.”   Matthew 7:7-8


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