Oh What a Feeling!

Do you remember how you felt the very first time you applied for employment in your chosen career field? After all the classes, assignments, lectures, projects, late nights studying and all those exams, you at long last earned that valuable piece of paper that tells perspective employers that you have successfully jumped through all the academic hoops and are a certified graduate!

Remember all the time you spent working on your resume and portfolio? Remember the mix of emotion you felt after all the screening and interviews had ended? The relief you felt because that part of the process was over coupled with the anxiety you felt as you waited for that phone call from human resources, the call that would determine your future. Yeah, landing that first career job can be tough, but once you’ve got it, your on top of the world and all you had to do to get there seems well worth it.

For the past several weeks my youngest son has been going through the employment process. He graduated last December from Cal Poly with a BS in Computer Information Systems. His mother and I told him he didn’t need to begin his career job search until after his 23rd birthday in late February. We thought he deserved a little time off for all his hard work.

He began his job hunt as we all do, only in this age of technology you no longer need to search pages and pages of small print ads in the newspaper employment section, now you conduct your search by scouring the internet looking for leads, which he did religiously. And of course he relied on the age old tool that never fails, keeping your ears open. You never know when a friend or family member may come up with a viable lead. I have to say, he used his resources well. During his search he continued working for a friend in a computer related position to gain some experience. After graduating he went from part time to full time.

Several weeks ago a friend of his who is also a CIS graduate told him about a position he was applying for with Kaiser-Permanente. He suggested that my son apply, which he did. Having never gone through the process he was a little dismayed at how slowly things developed. Finally after two separate telephone screening interviews he was given an appointment for an in person interview. He was pretty excited. He began researching Kaiser and brushing up on some of their technology and even spoke with his nino who is an administrator for a hospital. He gave him some inside tips that proved very valuable in the interview.

He was interviewed by two people and in his estimation the interview went very well. Then the waiting game began, and as Tom Petty says “The waiting is the hardest part.” Nearly a week passed before he heard from the HR recruiter who told him that he had done a good job in the interview and they had liked him very much, however the manager who makes the final decision was on vacation and wouldn’t be returning for another week but things looked promising.  So another week of waiting and wondering. He spoke to the recruiter a couple of times during the week, but the waiting was killing him. I told him not to worry and explained to him that it takes time, particularly since this isn’t an established position where they are trying to replace an employee and need someone immediately. This is a new position as part of a team of five so they are they taking their time assembling the members, interviewing countless applicants, looking for just the right people. He seemed satisfied with that answer but none the less felt anxious.

Then yesterday he received the phone call he was waiting for. It was official, they offered him the job! Beginning salary in the low $50’s and a full benefit package! He starts in August and will be working out of Pasadena. WOO HOO!! His diligence and hard work really paid off.

For all of you in the market for your career job I offer you these words of encouragement.  Don’t stress yourself out, the right job is out there waiting for you. Out there somewhere is an HR interviewer who will recognize your talents and your value to their company and offer you a job. You just have to be persistent in your search, you’ll find him! (or her) Hang in there and don’t ever give up. Go in with confidence and impress the socks off of that someone! And if you don’t get the job, don’t be discouraged, learn something from every interview experience along the way. Remember to be patient, it takes time.

My son was very fortunate to find something  in his chosen field so quickly. I thought for sure that it would take him much longer! He’s very lucky! And believe me, sometimes luck plays a big role in being at the right place at the right time. So keep your ears open and search on!

Congratulations Son! Welcome to the real world!


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