Our Daily Bread: On Being Human

downloadThere is an evil force at work in our world today. A force as old as time itself.  A deceptive and cunning evil, a master of disguise, capable of rendering us helpless before it. In today’s highly, competitive society a man is measured by the cut of his clothing, or the size of his bank account, rather than his moral, compassionate qualities,  this evil takes on the guise of success. Blinded by ambition, we become slaves to the earthly, materialistic world. Money and power become our gods, reaching our earthly potential our only objective.

Deceptively, Satan tempts us with fantastic promises and illusions of grandeur. Stirring up deliciously wicked sensations that saturate our minds, seducing us to surrender our souls to his evil will, leading us deeper and deeper into the void, and further from the true kingdom promised to us by Christ. Ultimately, in our bid to be the best, we may unknowingly provide Satan with his greatest victory, the destruction of humanity.

How foolish we are to even consider reaching our potential outside of God’s grace. Only through Him can we realize our true potential, He is our only hope. Therefore, whatever status we achieve or treasure we amass is worthless if God does not dwell in our hearts. We must seek God first, and trust in Him with our whole being. Every thought, word, and deed must be a product of our love for him. It is this quest for righteousness that must become our top priority, because buried within the hearts of all men is the burning desire to know and serve the Lord, and become the humans He expects us to be.

The challenge here is to reach our full potential through Christ and set an example to all men of perfect humanity, wholeness and obedience to God. To do so we must first come to recognize and accept our relationship with God and reflect the Godliness of our nature in the same way that Jesus did. It is a call to live our lives through Christ for He is the power and wisdom of God that dwells within each of us. It is He who is waiting patiently for us to stop seeking answers in the world of men and turn inward. Deep within our souls is the true kingdom of God, and if we only seek it out, His Spirit will live in us and we become ambassadors of peace and love, men of God as Jesus was, Heroes of the Lord.

Of course, following God’s call and giving service to Him, is not always easy. We are constantly surrounded by Satan’s earthly playground, a battle zone of diversion and distractions intended to keep us from God. It is in those dark moments of fear and quiet desperation, that we must re-affirm our commitment, and call upon the power of God’s word to turn Satan away. On our quest for righteousness we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by such earthly temptations as wealth or fame, we must keep our eyes on Christ and not be persuaded to look away. but Satan is a strong and powerful foe, and he does not enjoy losing. Relentlessly he pursues us, using the deadliest of tactics, seeking the one weakness or flaw in our faith that will cause our defeat.

We must learn the power of prayer and meditation in our lives, and take the time to listen to our inner voice, our voice of reason. By doing so we stand a much better chance of realizing our God given potential, and defeating Satan’s influence on our lives. We must learn to “be still and see.” Sadly, there are those who will not heed the call of Christ. These poor souls chose to ignore their inner voice, because they are quite content with their lot in life. They are caught up in the folly of the materialistic, earthly kingdom, never to know the Lord.

Coming to terms with oneself is done in small steps. It begins with understanding, and is reached by searching inwardly. Finally we come to terms not only with ourselves but with God as well. This soul search can be a long and painful process, but as one who has experienced this initial search, I can tell you that the rewards are quite worthwhile. We soon discover a calm feeling of inner peace, and long to know more about Jesus. For in softening our hearts and acknowledging our failings, we begin to accept ourselves for who we truly are. We become real and no longer feel the need to hide behind the many masks that we have become so accustomed to wearing. We no longer live to please ourselves, we have only one aim in mind, and that is to please the Lord.

Suddenly we begin to see magnificent perfection in the simplest of God’s creations. We begin to see the pain, anger, and fear, that once dwelt in our lives was a result of not being understanding. With this realization comes compassion. Filled with compassion we begin to see that our enemies are not much different than ourselves, and so we are moved to do the right thing, which is of course to forgive them. And, as we do, we pray that one day they too can forgive us.

As love takes over our lives we begin to feel the power of Jesus living within us. We become lovers of life, and begin to realize that we are God’s presence on earth, and as such, we must reflect His love to all. What an incredible world that would be.

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