"Patience is a Virtue"

“You must first have a lot of Patience to learn to have Patience.”                                                                                                                                                                                      Stanislaw J. Lee

Are you a patient person? Are you able to remain calm, cool collected and unperturbed in the face of inconvenience or annoyance, well then you my friend are truly blessed! Patience is a virtue seldom seen in this fast paced society of ours, which makes you a living example to everyone of what we all should strive for and a part of a very small minority.

On the other hand if  you’re the type of person whose cage is easily rattled and you regularly get agitated or provoked when confronted with an irritable situation or an irritating person, or God forbid, if you get your panties (or shorts) in a bunch because you have to wait for anything, then you my friend you a living example of everything that’s wrong with society today.

Impatience is a social disorder affecting young and old alike, there is no age barrier. Nearly everyone is impatient about something, or as is more often the case, several things. The line at the bank is moving too slowly, the waitress is taking too long, the fast food drive-thru is anything but fast, the signal is taking too long, your phone call was placed on hold, the pedestrian crossing the street is moving too slowly and impeding your ability to turn right, who cares if they’re 85 and using a walker, would they just get moving! Okay you get the picture.

And what is at the root of this social malady? Well there are several factors that are cause our present condition, chief among them is our need for instant gratification. We want everything NOW! In our world there is no later. We want it now now now! We can’t wait, even when something is worth waiting for.

Technology has certainly had an effect on the “now” generation. Computers are getting faster and faster, internet speeds are incredible! Documents and information that used to take hours to download ten or fifteen years ago is now done in a matter of moments! We can quickly download books and stream music and movies instantly. And what about Television technology? You click a remote and a moment later you’ve got an instant picture and access to 200 channels or more in HD and 3D no less. Do you remember when we used to have to wait for the TV tubes to warm up before a picture appeared? I sure can and waiting was never a problem! We were happy just to have a TV. Today there would be major problems.

It’s a sad fact, but today we are spoiled. We see things our way and want things our way and of course we want it ASAP. We don’t take into account that everyone else wants it their way as well. This unrealistic expectation leads to some serious conflicts. When thing don’t go as we expect or don’t meet our expectation of how we think they should be, we become frustrated and impatient. Of course we all know that impatience is just a cover word, a nice way of saying irritated, which is a polite way of saying angry.

Patience is a learned response. We aren’t born with patience. The new born infant wants to be feed now, changed now, paid attention to now, held now and so it begins. Then as children get older we often placate them for all the wrong reasons. In many cases for our own peace of mind. I tell you, children today do not heat the word ‘NO’ often enough. When I was a kid “No” was a big part of my life. And I knew that no meant no, most of us did and that’s a fact.

This frustration and anger is unhealthy. The stress resulting from our expectations not being met plays havoc with our bodies as well as our minds.  we all know that stress can be a killer, so we’d better get a handle on this whole impatience problem soon!

So how do we do that.

Becoming more patient is not easy, it takes commitment, hard work  and lots of practical application.  It involves  becoming more aware of whats going on around you whether you like it or not. It all starts with you, learn to be  more patient with yourself. As you begin to recognize the things that trigger you to lose patience you’ll begin making better decisions.

Learn to catch yourself before your frustration  gets out of control. For instance if you find yourself becoming impatient because you’re stuck in traffic or late for an appointment, immediately begin thinking of a way to relax and  take your mind off your frustration. Remind yourself that things take time. Take a deep breath, hell take several deep breaths, count to 10 or 100 whatever it takes, sing, laugh recite the alphabet, anything that will help you put your impatience in check.

If you’re somewhere where you can take a time out, do it. Walking away from a situation for a few minutes helps you calm down.Sometimes we tend to get upset over little things. In the long run, these things tend not to matter, but in the heat of the moment, we might forget this. Stop yourself, and try to get things in perspective. Remember what’s important. If you can, find a healthy way to relieve your frustration such as exercise, punching bags work well, biking, anything that gets that anger out of your system will make you feel better.

You’ve just got to keep on keeping on. You’ve got to keep practicing. Every time a situation arises that tries your patience, think of it as an opportunity to practice patience. The more you practice the better you become. A byproduct of you becoming more patient is that it will teach your children and others the importance of patience. Lastly instead of reacting with anger, teach yourself to react with love. It’s the best solution.

Becoming more patient is not something that will come overnight.  But you can do it if you try. The more patient you become:

  • The more you can accept what is, instead of what you what you want it to be.
  • The less frustrating life will be for you.
  • The less annoyed, irritated, bothered, angry, negative, etc. you will be.
  • The more peaceful you will feel.
  • The more accepting you will be…

Just Saying…


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