"Princes Di: The Age of Digital Resurrection"

Diana's Back!

So what’s the dealio with this weeks cover of Newsweek? Has the magazine decided to sink to the depths of the cheap tabloids and resort to sensationalism? Or has their new editor gone completely mad? Maybe she’s just caught up in the whole True Blood /Walking Dead, hype? Who knows? Actually she’s British and the author of a Princess Di biography called “The Diana Chronicles.” Judging from the in-depth job she supposedly did on the biography I’d say she was quite a Princess Di fan and since today would have been Diana’s 50th birthday, maybe she just wanted to do something extra special to honor Di.

The Newsweek cover in question features an aged Diana casually strolling down the boulevard with Kate Middleton, complete with  digital crows feet and a snappy new hat and dress. Pretty strange if you ask me. No check that, it’s down right weird!  I mean it’s one thing to wonder what a person might look like or what they might be doing had they lived, but to do a digital recreation of the person and create a fictitious Facebook page and Twitter chatter, well, that a bit extreme, even for an ardent admirer. Ah, the wonders of the Digital Age. I wonder what dead celebrity will be digitally resurrected next?

I’ve always consider myself to be a pretty big John Lennon fan. For years after his death in 1980 I used to wonder what his music would have been like had he lived. Would he have had a Double Fantasy Tour? Would he and the rest of the Beatles have gotten back together? Would he have recorded with his sons?  Reasonable questions right? Hell, I wondered similar things about Jim Morrison and Hendrix. But imagining what they might look like at 50, 60 or 70, never entered my mind. I never wondered if Lennon would be Tweeting, Facebooking, or dying his hair like Sir Paul!

I’m thinking Newsweek’s new editor just wanted to shake things up and start her new job off with a bang! The magazine hit the newsstands and immediately caused quite the sensation! The shot heard round the world!

In order for a magazine to survive these days you have to be one step ahead of the competition. Well Newsweek’s Princess Di digitally altered photos, no matter how unnerving, put them several steps ahead of the pack, at least for this week. It caused a worldwide buzz. Is it in bad taste as some are saying? Perhaps. Is it morbid or ghoulish? Definitely! But then Newsweek is in the business of selling magazines and they certainly accomplished that. You know what they say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

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